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3 Simple Ways To Fix Unfortunately Lenovo Launcher Has Stopped

Lenovo launchers on some Lenovo devices are known to experience the unfortunately Lenovo launcher has stopped problem. If this happens to your phone, don’t worry this problem is solvable. There are just 3 simple ways to fix

2 Easy Ways To Delete Facebook Account Without Logging In

Here are ways to delete your Facebook account without login. Yes you don’t need logging in to your account for you to that, as this three ways will take care of thus for you when you act

Sony Xperia Test Code For All Xperia Devices

The Sony Xperia test codes for various Xperia device are on this list. Test codes are all working for the many varieties of Xperia smart phones especially the Sony Xperia T3, Xperia Z4 Xperia E, Xperia e4g

How To Fix Unfortunately Internet Has Stopped On Android Devices

Some Android phones and Tablets has this weird way of shutting their browser when they encounter an unknown file. This often happens whenever one is browsing, though sometimes it could be when downloading things,  sometimes it could

How To Fix Unfortunately Launcher Has Stopped Working On Tablets

Some Tablets devices are known to have this error, that is the launcher crashing, this problem is solvable provided you have access to do some simple thongs on your phone. Here are simple ways to fix your

How To Fix Unfortunately Launcher Has Stopped on Tecno Alcatel And Micromax

This are simple ways to fix your Android phone when the Launcher crashes and you get the unfortunately launcher has stopped message. This methods are do it yourself based which means you don’t need to involve any

How To Know The Location Of Facebook User Via Chat

Get to trace someone on Facebook, using this four simple practical steps, that is easy and free to do. You can do it for fun or for important info, all this done while chatting.  This works even

3 Easy Ways To Fix Unfortunately Message Has stopped

When you get this error message on your smartphone or tablet, here are the steps you need to take to get ride of this error once and for all. 1. Your first step is to do the