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32 Sony Xperia M Secret And Reset Codes For 2019

The Sony Xperia M has about two smartphones under it’s C class make, the Xperia M C1904 and the Xperia C1905 all with its secret codes. This codes are designed by its makers Sony to help in

Sony Xperia Test Code For All Xperia Devices

The Sony Xperia test codes for various Xperia device are on this list. Test codes are all working for the many varieties of Xperia smart phones especially the Sony Xperia T3, Xperia Z4 Xperia E, Xperia e4g

HTC Samsung Sony LG Motorola Android Secret Codes

Need a shortcut to wipe out everything in your phone once? Or a HTC shortcut to diagonize and fix your device without going to a repair shop? From displaying software version in Smasung Galaxy to helping you