How To Fix Unfortunately Internet Has Stopped On Android Devices

Some Android phones and Tablets has this weird way of shutting their browser when they encounter an unknown file.
This often happens whenever one is browsing, though sometimes it could be when downloading things,  sometimes it could be as a result of the version. 
How To Fix Unfortunately Internet Has Stopped On Android Devices
But won’t bore you with the details, here is the solution. They are two solutions actually so one of them will hopefully fix it.

1. Data, cache and force stop

Clear your phones internet data, cache and then force stop.
– You first have to clear the cache first, check whether it is working, if not come back and clear the data and then force stop.

Here is how to do this

– Goto Settings – Apps – All apps – Locate the Internet app and tap.
– Clear the cache, data and force stop just as you’ve read earlier.
Note: Deleting this things does not wipe out your personal files and applications.

2. Swap or change

If you’re still experiencing this, just change your internet browser. Go to Google play store and download either Firefox, Chrome or Opera browsers, use any to access the Internet. If you still want to use your native android browser then factory reset your phone.


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