How To Fix Unfortunately Launcher Has Stopped Working On Tablets

Some Tablets devices are known to have this error, that is the launcher crashing, this problem is solvable provided you have access to do some simple thongs on your phone. Here are simple ways to fix your Tablet when you get the unfortunately launcher has stopped message.
How To Fix Unfortunately Launcher Has Stopped Working On Tablet
It is true that there are some Tablet Launchers that are a bit stubborn when it starts developing faults like this, nevertheless their launcher problem are solvable.

1. Cache

When you experience this, your first step is to clear your Launchers cache to remove any temporarily file that may be getting in the way of you Tab launcher.
  •  Find Settings > then Apps >
  •  Then Swipe left to All apps
  •  Come down to Launcher > click Launcher > then Click clear cache

Note: Some might find that clear cache may not work, some may also find that it might initially work but when a Google app is removed it starts  happening again, but when installed back, it becomes OK.
Here is another method.

2. Stop and Data

You force stop your launcher and delete its data and Cache by using this method which will get ride of permanent and temporary data, before automatically stopping the process and restarting your launcher.
  • – Find Settings – Apps >
  • – Then go to to All apps
  • – Scroll down to the Launcher app > click Launcher
  • – Force stop and clear cache
  • – Then click clear data.

In case the above fails here is yet another third method

3. Uninstall and Install

If your Tab launcher is a third party launcher then uninstall it and install another one. If it is a system launcher which you can’t uninstall, install another new launcher and set it as the default launcher.
Note: If all this fails which is  percent not possible then hard reset your Android phone.

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