How To Know The Location Of Facebook User Via Chat

How To Know The Location Of Facebook User Via Chat
Get to trace someone on Facebook, using this four simple practical steps, that is easy and free to do. You can do it for fun or for important info, all this done while chatting. 

This works even if you’re on Facebook Messenger or chatting with a person via the chat feature of FB main website, you can still know the location of that person.

The process is very simple and easy to do, it is also free, you only have to use what you have to get what you need. In this case use the things you already have on your computer to track someone you have been chatting with on Facebook.
I assume you already have a browser on your PC,  browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, any browser will work, but I’ll recommend Mozilla or baidu.
1. Press crt+alt+del or locate task manager for  Windows PC, for other OS such as MAC the key here is to  Close all  applications. Only your browser should be left open.
2. Starting chating with the person, making sure you only one tab on your browser open, that is the tab you’re using to chat with that person.
3. Press Win+R or navigate through Start >>
Run to open Run Dialogue Box
* Type cmd there and hit enter to open it.
Now, command prompt has opened.
* Type netstat -an and hit enter
You’ll now get to see the list all the ip address which are currently being used.
Among those IPs one must be the person’s IP too, whom you’re chatting with, on Facebook. Identify any IP that seem suspicious or quee.
ip_tracer/ and put that IP address in
the box saying “lookup this ip or website”
The website will tell you the geolocation of
provided IP address. And hence, you will have.
Note: due to difficulty in narrowing more than one IP down to one person, it is best you use a new FB account with that person as your only friend. This ensures you get only one IP address while chatting with the person. Then use, to find the region, country, and state the person is chatting from.

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