3 Easy Ways To Fix Unfortunately Message Has stopped

When you get this error message on your smartphone or tablet, here are the steps you need to take to get ride of this error once and for all.
1. Your first step is to do the usual, that is  clear Cache and Data. Which you’ll do by
– Going to settings > applications > all apps > then messaging and
then press ” Force Stop” clear cache then try to launch the messaging app, 
3 Easy Ways To Fix Unfortunately Message Has stoppedIf it works fine, if it doesn’t work go back and delete Data.
Note: Deleting the messaging data will delete your stored messages. You can hold off from doing this by trying other methods below.
For some phones like Sony devices clear cache and data might now work in this case here is what you should do.
Download and Install  Google  messenger  then use it.
If your device has data from badgeprovider, like some Galaxy devices enable it. To this go to
  • Applications manager
  • Choose All tab find badge provider and enable it.

Devices like Samsung Galaxy products may have still have issues in this case you might find that this method might work for you. It has worked for some people.
– Go to your contact list and find a contact you had messages from.
– Then click the “new message” icon in your contacts. If this works you’ll find that you won’t see this error message again.

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