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Easy Steps To Track Facebook Login Activity

Don’t change your password, catch them! Having a nagging feeling of someone else accessing your Facebook account? You’re suspecting someone perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend spying on your fb activities, but don’t know how to be sure.

Easy Ways To Open Blocked/Locked Websites Legally

Websites could be blocked as a result of many factors, not just in school, Library or Offices but in States and Countries, this is done to stop you from accessing sites which they deem improper or as

Simple Way To View Private Photobucket Pictures

It’s really simple to view private Photobucket photos, if you can get the hang of some stuff that I’ll explain here. You see that’s a bug right now in this online photo sharing website that users upload

How To Upload Pictures On Tinder Without Facebook

Tinder and Facebook are involved in a marriage, a marriage that so many users are not comfortable with, even to upload your pictures to Tinder you must use FB. As a Tinder user you’re part of the

How To Delete Chat Permanently In WhatsApp

There are two methods to do this, one is simpler the other is also simple if you’re familiar with your phone make up. The first thing to do if you’re using Android phone To go to Mobile

How To Easily Remove Unwanted Software From Windows 8

Here is how to remove unwanted software from your Windows 8 computer. Even if this software or applications are stubborn, this steps will take care of it, as the usually stubborn unwanted software is not that difficult

How To Remove Unwanted Software From Windows 10

You can now remove unwanted software easily on Windows 10, even the stubborn ones that won’t easily give up their residence on your PC, can be removed through this method.There are about 5 ways to achieve this1.   

How To Delete Video From Whatsapp Group Chat

Deleting video from Whatsapp group chat is actually same as deleting messages in group chat, except in this case you will need to delete Video instead of message. This are the simple things you have to do 

How To Delete WhatsApp Messages Permanently From Server

WhatsApp stores your messages and chat on it server for 30 days after which it automatically deletes itself. So on the long run you don’t have to worry about all your messages. But if you want to

How To Easily Delete Chat History in Slack App

Deleting your chat history and comments on Slack depends on your team’s settings and what role you’re assigned. If you’re assigned a role that allows you modify messages, that is it allows you edit messages, then you