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How To Sign Out Of Gmail on All Platforms

True Google pay close attention to the overall design of their websites, making it structurally sound, with seemingly easy navigations. Although they do everything to make sure that their websites are good for users like us, they

Easy Way To Close/Cancel Facebook Account For Good

For some known or unknown reasons you might be thinking of closing down your Facebook account either permanently or temporary. The unknown reasons are best known by you, while the known reasons might be as a result

Beware! Of Some GT Bank’s Internet Banking Platforms

True GT bank is one of the leading banks in Africa, the same truth holds for their robust online presence which is one of the best in the continent. Banking with Guaranty Trust Bank both online and

How To Open A Free Bank Account On Facebook Via GT Bank

Opening of account don’t have to be hard nor does it have to require deposit for you to start using it, infact you can go online and open open it within minutes, when I mean online I

How To Download Free Legal Music Online

Just dance to the tune, come on the dance floor and rock your body, when asked you’ll say “I’m dancing” just shaking your body and tapping your feets to the music on the sterio is dancing to

How To Download Books Online For Free

First of all I want to state something here, make it very clear to you, since I understand you want to download and read books on your computer or smartphone but you don’t actually know your way

How To Find A Lost/Stolen iPhone Legally

Ever lost a phone you’re very attached to? That sinking feeling of monumental loss will keep nagging you, until you either get it back or forget it entirely, forgetting is hard I tell, so you just might

How To Make Creative Facebook Cover Photos For Your Profile

Making your pictures stand out from the host of pictures that are on Facebook, should be your priority if you really are creative and want to stand out from the crowd. If you are one who loves

5 Tested Free Online Photo Editor Like Photoshop Alternatives

photo: boomwala Your picture is not looking the way you want it to look, or perhaps you’re looking at enhancing your photos to make it beautiful and appealing to viewers, or you just want to hide some

How To Download Facebook Messenger For All Mobile Phones

Social networking giant Facebook has launched it’s mobile messenger, a clear cut fb mobile messenger that has almost all the features laptop and desktop messengers has, this is actually a very good alternative to windows xp fb