How To Find A Lost/Stolen iPhone Legally

Ever lost a phone you’re very attached to? That sinking feeling of monumental loss will keep nagging you, until you either get it back or forget it entirely, forgetting is hard I tell, so you just might stick to trying to track and recover your lost iPhone.

Due the nature of the iPhone, especially the more recent iPhone 4 and 5 to 5s it may get stolen, if you as a user is not careful about handling your gadgets. Even an average smartphone of this nature cost around 200-500 dollers, some maybe higher too. Imagine losing such phone, imagine stealing such a device? It is possible as an Android device cannot be compared with the iPhone. It can get stolen and it can get misplaced. So here is a way to get your iPhone back.

Ways to get back your iPhone

There are two legal ways to do that

Use Applications

There are many app that you can install on your iPhone, that will help you track it when lost or stolen, such apps are

2. Gagettalk
3. iHound
4. Fonehome
5. Find my iPhone. My favourite is find my no 5, while others can find your phone if you already installed it on your device, the find my iPhone app does not require previous installation.

5. Find my iPhone This app is the best, especially if you haven’t installed any app on your phone. Find my iPhone uses iCloud which is internet based, this means you can find your iPhone without an app on your smartphone, this app is your best bet if you don’t have any security app installed before losing your phone. The Find my iPhone App is the official App of Apple, this makes use of iCloud, which means if you enabled iCloud in your phone you’re in luck, as you only need to find another iPhone or computer and install it, then use it to track your device by entering your ID. The app helps you to lock, set passwords, delete data, find where the phone is etc.

Report it

This should be your first step, if your phone is stolen, right that instant don’t waste time, run and report it, to an authority. An authority in this context don’t exclusively mean the police. An authority here is one which is applicable to your situation. For example if your phone got stolen in the school you’ll have to report it to the school admin, same goes too at the airport etc. Just make sure you don’t waste time. Before you say it’s not effective check the stats, 50% of phones recovered last year was done my this means, the key is prompt reporting, if it’s possible report it after 1 second! A second lost will affect the recovery process.

Just like everything you’ve to have patience, some lost or stolen iPhones took months to recover, some days, some just hours. If you do the right thing at the right time you’ll eventually recover your iPhone and come back and thank me. Because you just read this you’ll find your phone mark my words.

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