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Easy Way To Jump Ropes On God Of War Ghost Of Sparta Game

People are always stuck when they reach this stage. Rope jumping on God  of War especially when you’re in the Temple of Athena is impossible for some gamers. True there are some YouTube videos about this, they

How To Get Quick Sharp Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral

Getting loans in Nigeria can be somewhat difficult but the goodness is there many banks in Nigeria that can give you loans but majority of those banks require collateral and going through collateral takes time which can stay up

Tested Net10 APN/Internet Settings For Android Smartphones

In some smartphones with some sim cards, setting up Net10 APN which gives you MMS and internet access can be pretty much difficult if not some how hard, it’s possible to get the settings for your device

Tested Straight Talk APN Settings For Data And MMS On Android

Straight Talk is part of Tracfone, which is a mobile virtual network operator shortnamed MVNO that offer prepaid unlimited text, talk and data plans for $45. They also sell sims that lets you use your own GSM

How To Find Whatsapp Numbers Of People Worldwide

There are places that you can go and find numbers of people who are in Whatsapp. People who are willing to chat. This Whatsapp users are not just restricted to a particular country or continent. They are

How To Know If A Car Is Stolen Or Genuine Before Purchase

You can be to careful this days. That is why you need to be cautious in everything you are buying, especially when it comes to cars. You see buying a car in Nigeria is very easy especially

5 Steps To Fix Unfortunately Package Installer Has Stopped

When you download an application from the internet or you the app through Bluetooth and Xender  or Flash share and your phone wont allow you to install it. You get the unfortunately package installer has stopped error,

How To Fix Unfortunately BBM Has Stopped

If you’re getting this error message when you open your BBM  application on your phone or tablet. Here is how to fix it. When this happens, first thing you have to do is check your BBM app

How To Fix The Unfortunately Email Has Stopped Error On Android

This is usually from the email application and it happens whenever one wants to send email messages. When this error message displays here is what you should do. If you haven’t done the force stop, and clear

How To Fix Unfortunately Home Has Stopped On Android

This problem is often seen on LG phones, although it happens to other phones, it is not severe like LG’s. When this unfortunately home has stopped error happens here are the simple things you have to do