How To Get Quick Sharp Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral

Getting loans in Nigeria can be somewhat difficult but the goodness is there many banks in Nigeria that can give you loans but majority of those banks require collateral and going through collateral takes time which can stay up to months, it’s only just a handful that can give you loans without requiring collateral, among those handful it’s just few that will give you a loan that same day.

We know that emergencies do happen, and you might need money to meet those emergencies, if there is no cash at hand we need to borrow, borrowing money from people in Nigeria is not easy as many may not have it, some that do might be reluctant to give. Thankfully we now have a bank that caters for this type of emergencies. Apart from emergencies you can get loans in 24 hours for other things like.
1. As student loans to pay school fees in Nigeria
2. SME loan to set up small and medium scale business in Nigeria
3. Agric Loans get money to start up an Agric based business in Nigeria
4. Personal loans, use this loan to take care of yourself.

Steps to get this loans

1. Currently there is only one bank that offers this type of bank loan, that is First City Monument Bank, FCMB Nigeria under their arm called Credit Direct. This credit direct is responsible for giving out unsecured loans AKA sharp sharp loans. (credit direct limited loan)
High points of this loan are
*. Requires no collateral or Security
*. No account or deposit
*. No account transfer nor Guarantors.

Other benefits of this loan

*. No processing fee or consultation fee
*. No gurantee of employer
*. Non-discriminatory lending come just as you are.
*. No collateral or lien over borrower’s assets
*. Credit life and Disability insurance, in the event of death or permanent disability your family is under no obligation to pay.
*. No restriction concerning where or what you buy
*. Loan application fee is free.
1. What you’ll need Get this ready. Two passport, appointment letter, confirmation letter if you are working (to get this loan you need to be either a student or a worker, preferably a worker).
Pay slip, staff ID (for students student ID, and your guardian’s staff ID, pay slip and appointment letter.) then another form of identification like Drivers license, National ID, govt ID.
2. If every thing is in order your funds will be processed and your money given to you.

How to repay the loan

Currently repayment is suitable for workers as the money will be taken from your monthly salary. A percentage will be deducted from your salary every month for the duration of one year.
For example if you take out 20,000 naira as loan, they will deduct 2600 naira per month for one year. They have a minimum loan grant of 18,000 naira.
Note: This type of loan is available to selected FCMB branches in Nigeria. Check your local bank branch or get in contact with Credit Direct headquaters at no. 48/50 Isaac John street G.R.A Ikeja, or visit FCMB website.


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