Easy Way To Jump Ropes On God Of War Ghost Of Sparta Game

People are always stuck when they reach this stage. Rope jumping on God  of War especially when you’re in the Temple of Athena is impossible for some gamers. True there are some YouTube videos about this, they may not help because of the keys combinations some of them have.

But I recently did something different and lo! Jumping ropes becomes very easy. So easy that even a five year old can do it, so the impossible becomes possible. This is coming here because of many feedback I received when I mentioned this on a popular game forum, so I decided to put it up here.

What you need to do is edit the control layout so that when you press the “analog up key” it touches the “play key” at the same time now press “X” to jump and and there you have it, Kratos will touch/grab the next rope.

This is how it will be like

That is the game play

Kratoss jumps!

I’m using PSP emulator to play the game on Android so don’t expect the graphics to be like the one on console.


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