How To Fix Unfortunately Home Has Stopped On Android

This problem is often seen on LG phones, although it happens to other phones, it is not severe like LG’s.
When this unfortunately home has stopped error happens here are the simple things you have to do solve this problem.
The problem is often from the Launcher you’re using, and might be as a result of low phone memory, and low RAM or a combination of both.
How To Fix Unfortunately Home Has Stopped On Android
– Check to see whether you have enough phone, at least 80mb, if not free up some space. This is important because some applications like some launchers installed, continuously creates folders and files, so the when they try to create such without seeing any space, the result is your Android home crashes. And you’ll get that message.
Check your RAM: One of the likable feature Android OS has is the ability to multitask, like computer, that is the ability to do more than one thing at a time without closing or exiting any, you just minimize them. This function can become a curse because it eats up lots of memory.
This results in your home stopping. Which makes you see this error message.
You can solve low memory and RAM Problem with one solution

To solve this download clean master or RAM boaster, it auto detects when your RAM is low and asks to clean or Boast it. If you’re using Clean Master open it and first go to junk files allow it to load, then it cleans them, you’ll even be surprised the amount of junk files that your phone has, junk files in this context are basically useless files, files such as images that has turned blank, files that has been downloaded without you knowing, corrupted files etc.
After you’ve clean out your junk files is time to boast the RAM go back and click boast phone. There is this other option like file manger where you get to view list of installed and uninstalled apps on your Android device, including ones with APK files, you can uninstall, move, or delete.
 Alternatively you can also boast your RAM manually from time to time by going to Settings > Apps > Running apps, here you’ll see list of apps including the amount of memory they consume, looking down you’ll see the total number of RAM available free and used. To boast the RAM you’ll have to select individual apps and process, then force stop. However you should be careful so you don’t stop essentially apps. This is why it is advisable you use an app designed for this.
If all this fails is time to Change launcher, download a new launcher install and activate it.
On some LG devices you’ll find that Disabling Smart Bulletins will do the trick. To do this goto
Go to: Apps. > Menu > Home screen then Turn off Smart Bulletin.

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