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How To Play Music On Mono Bluetooth Headset With Your Android Phone

It’s kind of difficult using A mono Bluetooth headset on an Android phone especially those Bluetooth Headset that doesn’t support A2DP which means you cannot play music in them, some Android smartphones can play any media with

3 Steps To Book Flights Online With Arik Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule

Booking any Arik air flights is even easier when you do it online as you’ll just do it from the comfort of your room, no more hassles, no more rush to go to the airport because of

Upcoming Nigerian Blogs To Watch Out For This Year

There are a lot of blogs coming up in the country, this sites are really the blogs you should follow if you’re serious in finding latest contents. There are blogs that are all about entertainment, Donto Dike

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use Prices And Specs

Diesel Generators are often viewed as those heavy messy engines with oil every where that runs on Gas, well it’s no longer so, Tech is changing and everything is changing with it. Generator manufacturing companies are changing

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators

Before you do any thing that’s based on Electric Generators, either to buy or to recommend or even to sell to people you need to know if nothing else at least the basics. This way you don’t

How To Stop Notifications Of People On Google Plus Without Blocking

If you don’t want to block someone, perhaps the idea of blocking may seem mean or uncomfortable you feel that you don’t have any option is either you block the person or allow that person to keep

How To Unblock Someone On Google Plus And Still Retain Your Privacy

If you’ve already blocked someone on Google  and you decide to unblock that person fine you can do it. You can actually restore that person back to the state he or she was in before you applied

Simple Way To Block Someone On Google Plus Unnoticed

What to do when you are just feed up with a particular someone on your Google plus list, this someone might just be the disturbing or shady type. Seriously if someone is creepy or acting weird, and

Full List Of All Current Innjoo Smartphones And Tablets Its Specs And Price

You ask and we answered, here is the current list that contain all Innjoo devices, their smartphones and Tablets, those running on the Android platform and those running on Windows. many of this Innjoo phones and Tablets

Innjoo One Full Review Specs And Prices Your Speed Just Got Faster

This smartphone is fast, yes very fast if you’re looking for a phone that won’t hang nor be slow when doing any major thing then the Innjoo One android phone is for you. This mobile phone have