How To Play Music On Mono Bluetooth Headset With Your Android Phone

How To Play Music On Mono Bluetooth Headset With Your Android Phone

It’s kind of difficult using A mono Bluetooth headset on an Android phone especially those Bluetooth Headset that doesn’t support A2DP which means you cannot play music in them, some Android smartphones can play any media with any headset without any problem but then those Android phones are not usually handy.

Normally before you  listen to music, you have to pair your Headset with your phone. And make sure that your phone is visible to the Headset and vice-versa. After pairing completes, you will be able to listen to songs on the Headset, but then this is not so if you’re using a Mono headset with an unsupported Android device. Nethelpblog have just found a walk around to this.

  •  First you need to pair  the headset with your phone In order to pair the Bluetooth device with your phone all you have to do is open the “Settings” menu from the application drawer and then select the option as “Bluetooth” and turn ON Bluetooth.

  • In your Bluetooth headset long press the power bottom until you see continuous blinking of a blue color light that can be used to pair to your phone. Search for the Bluetooth device in your phone, you’ll see it listed click to pair

  • Once you have done that you will be able to have paired the phone with the Bluetooth device.

  • You can stop here if all you want is to  make and receive calls only, for playing media including music, then you need a router, a router that will make it possible to play music via your headset.

  • A good headset router is the Mono Bluetooth Router  either follow that link or search for it on Google Play store, download and install it. once downloaded open it, the interface look like this 

How To Play Music On Mono Bluetooth Headset With Your Android Phone
  •  Double check weather your headset is still connected, if so move on, tap ON on the Mono Bluetooth Router, you’ll see media connected

  •  Tap the wire icon, you’ll see the Bluetooth volume and media volume, high everything. 

  •  Then open your music player, play any music of your choice, it will now play via the headset.

Tested both on Android default Music player and on TTPod, all working fine.

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