Easy Way To Open Stubborn Videos On Snapchat

There comes a time when Snapchat refuses to behave properly instead it may start to misbehave, this is frustrating when you want to do something important.
The case of videos refusing to open on Snapchat, as experienced by mostly Android and iOS users is quite annoying. But hopefully your annoyance will stop, as Snapchat is a nice application, so we will make it work.
If you are having this problem here is what you should do.
First thing first, make sure you are on the app, some have found that they were tapping on something else, thinking that it is Snapchat video.
– Refresh your snap list. Most at times the app experiences problem,  and may show you something that is not there.
– If it doesn’t work close the app and re-open. It may be a simple problem that may require you closing it by force.
– If the above fails, try clearing the Snapchat’s cache. This can be done in the phone settings.
– If it doesn’t work turn off your phone and turn it back on again.
– If you’re still having problem  Check your WiFi connection.
– If it still doesn’t work, uninstall it and install back.
Your stubborn snap chat videos should work now. But if any of the above process fails to work. Try logging in with another phone to see whether the problem is somehow from your phone.

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