Flash A Dead Or Corrupted Phone In 2 Easy Steps

This tutorial deals with flashing of dead or corrupted phones, dead as in it won’t power on, corruption as in virus or any other factor that may make your mobile behave abnormally.

If you want to change your phone’s network carrier to another, you’d best check how to flash phone to another carrier

It’s very important you read the safest way to flash and reprogram a phone. This will guide you more on how not to flash your phone, safty precautions, what you generally have to do and more.

 To flash your dead phone you'll need the following
i. A Computer
ii. A USB cable
iii. And a flashing software like pheonix service suite
Because of nature of smartphones, each having different makes and models and thus different flashing softwares, I'm going to use Nokia phones as a test subject, with the flashing software as Phoenix.

Easy steps for flashing

1. Download and Installation Download and install phoenix service suite to your computer, make sure you save it in the location C:, so that it looks like this firmware to the directory C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsFolder*. Your folder should be created automatically during firmware installation, if for any reason it didn’t create it, do it yourself with that particular file name. If the firmware files are zipped extract it and copy then paste them to the folder. Example for pasting firmware files of RM-100 the location should be like this.
C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-100
2. Connections Launch the installed Phoenix suite, then bring out your USB cable and connect one end to your phone the other bigger end to your PC. Choose “no connection” if you’re flashing a dead Nokia phone.
Click File > Open product
Select your phone’s version, look under the battery or search for the firmware on the Net using your phone model.
Next click > Flashing > Firmware update
Select the variant/product code for flashing with, by clicking on the bordered button.
Once your variant or product code is set tick the box with > Dead phone USB flashing > Refurbish
Follow the instructions that will appear, and wait for the flashing to complete, once it’s complete your mobile will restart.

This works 100% on all Java/Symbian phones like Nokia Ashas, E class, China phones,  C1, X series, etc. The concept also applies to flashing non Nokia phones like Samsung, Verizon,  LG etc, and also smartphones like  the Android, iPhones etc.

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