How To Bookmark A Site While Browsing With Ucbrowser

UCbrowser add a Bookmark

Ucbrowser is a popular mobile phone browser, with many features, avaliable in many platforms such as Java, Symbian and others

Many people who are using it to surf the web may not know about this powerful feature the Add Bookmark some who have seen it don’t know what’s used for.

UCbrowser’s Add A Bookmark Function

Did you visit a website or blog maybe through google or any other means and you liked the site? You just don’t have the time to subscribe the solution? Use this Add a Bookmark function in Ucbrowser.

The add a Bookmark function is used to add a website or blog so that you can access it later.

How To Bookmark A Site

* On the site your’re on press menu usually on the top left side of a typical phone
* You’ll see a list of options select the one with an arrow pointing upwards called Actions
3. When it opens select Add Bookmark a dialog box will open where you can edit the name and save it, press save.
Alternatively you can press #4 when you’re on the website

To access the bookmarks added go to where you will find your History tab and scroll down

The best way to test it is to try it with this blog!

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