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To succeed in blogging a blogger needs traffic as a result many bloggers are using various means to drive traffic to their blogs.

From social media channels like Facebook, Digg, twitter to paid post, and advertisment, bloggers has always employed many means of getting the blogging God which is traffics.

Internet forums is one of those means, being active in forums is a sure way of getting blog visitors. For many bloggers there’s this factor; getting the list of forums that can drive traffic to their blogs. Here then is a list of forums with their Alexa rankings and pageranks, which will help you choose.

List Of Forums With Their Alexa Ranks And Pageranks

SEO, Internet marketing and blogging Forums

1. Warriorforum Alexa Rank- 224 Pagerank- 5, it has 520,128 visitors and 1,934,876 pageviews per day.
2. BlackhatworldAlexa Rank- 462 Pagerank- 3, it has 220,332 visitors and 1,432,158 pageviews per day.
3. Trafficplanet. Alexa Rank- 10,003, Pagerank- 3, it has 22,394 visitors and 69,424 pageviews per day.
4. V7NForum. Alexa Rank- 4,352, Pagerank- 5, it has 59,598 visitors and 286,070 pageviews per day.

Tech-Computer, Mobile, Gadgets Forums

5. Anandtech. Alexa Rank- 2,940, Pagerank- 6, it has 57,792 visitors and 109,805 pageviews perday.
6. Gamedev.

Jobs, Carears, Education Forums

7. Hardwarez. Alexa Rank-4,4012, Pagerank 5, it has 32,508 visitors and 390,096.
8. Studentforum. Alexa Rank- 7,083, Pagerank- 6, it has 34,314 visitors and 96,079 pageviews per day.
9. Jetcareers. Alexa Rank- 417,329, Pagerank- 4 it has 1,084 visitors and 4,914 pageviews per day.
10. Thebestforumever Alexa Rank- 1,960,017 Pagerank-1, it has 1000 visitors and 1800 pageviews per a day.

Music Forums

11. Ultimateguitar. Alexa Rank- 1,190, Pagerank-6, it has 202,272 visitors and 910,224 pageviews per day.

Except for warriorforum the rest are free. Have anymore suggestion? Use the comment tab

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  1. I've visited a few of these but usually to get information. Most of the time, people who are blogging casually are just as interested in traffic as those who also benefit financially. Choosing the best method (social media or whatever) also involves selecting one that is quick and delivers results.

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