How To Check Visafone Internet Data Balance

How To Check Visafone Data Balance

It’s actually easy to check internet data plan on any Visafone device or modem, easy as checking your MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat account balance.

When I got my Visafone modem a gift from a reader, it came with 1GB data, one of the stand out feature of this Visafone Modem is it’s speed, I tested it in three cities Lagos, Porthacourt and Umuahia never once did it fail me. The only frustrating problem I had was checking the account or data balance, info on how much internet data I’ve used and remaining wasn’t easy to come by then.

After much research the only thing, that was the answer is get in touch with a Visafone rep, ask them officially to check your balance for you, how do you work into a Visafone shop only to ask them to check it for or take the easier route, call their custormer care number, except this isns’t an option if time is of important to you. Why then should subscribers go through this stress? A question that’s best answered by this Network’s mangagement.

So what’s the easiest way to check your balance?
– Open the Visafone application, then locate the call Symbol at the bottom of the app.
– A keypad opens, dial *444*601* modem number# on that and send you’ll receive balance as text messegae.
– Once you get the message alert, go to messages you’ll see the message symbol, like envelope
Open it and go to inbox, then open it and you have your balance.

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