How To Fix Your Blackberry Phone To Work Like An Android Phone

The strength of every smartphone lies with what it can offer, unfortunatly when it comes to Apps Blackberry is no where near Android. Do you own a Blackberry smartphone and some times wish you could turn it to an Android? Or perhaps you envy the many apps that the Android have as opposed to what the Blackberry offers, envy no more as I’ll teach you through this tutorial how you can get your Blackberry to behave like an Android phone.

Below are what you’ll get after you must have turned your Blackberry to Android i.e be able to download and install many Android Applications. Apps like

Skype, Instagram, Viber, Badoo, Google Chrome, even Android games like Temple Runs, Fruit ninja, Candy Crush Saga, Subway surfers, and many others.

What you’ll need

1. Java runtime environment
vnbb or DDPB installer.
.BAR Apps

4 Steps to fix your Blackberry Phone to work like Android


We’ll be making use of a process called Sideloading Apps, that is movind Android apps to Blackberry 10 devices which includes Z10, Q10 and Q5 (specifically developed for Blackberry OS10). Sideloading is simply the process of transferring or moving Android Applications to Blackberry via a converted .bar medium. (you’ll convert from .apk to .bar). I’ll use DDPB installer for this tutorial.

Step 1 Once installed on PC, go to you Blackberry > Settings > Select Security and development mode then turn on use development mode. Enter a 4 digit password, note this along with the development IP address you’ll need them.

Blackberry 2 Android

Step 2: Launch the DDPB installer that’s on your PC, and hook up your Blackberry device on your computer via USB, enter the password and the IP address, click the connect button to hook up your Blackberry with your computer.

Blackberry to Android

Step 3: Your BB10 will authenticate and connect to your PC, if the password and IP are correct. Click > “Add” button at the right top corner and locate the .bar app you want to sideload onto device. Select the .bar app and click > “Install”.


Step 4: After you must have moved all the Android apps you need to Blackberry you can then turn off development mode.

Apps that can be moved Many popular Android apps like Instagram, Skype, Operamini 10 to Blackberry, Viber, Badoo and even games.

Note: Only for BB10 for now i.e Blackberry that comes from the 10 group, which has limited functions. Feel free to share!

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