How To Get A G2A Refund Easily

Sometimes we might end up getting a game we don’t want or we buy without the correct CD key, as such we might need to return it.
How To Get A G2A Refund Easily
G2A has a provision for refund, sounds so simple, well it used to be simple, so simple that some people decided to reap them off, they buy a product which is perfectly good, then used PayPal to request a refund, plus some other black hat methods, many made thousands of dollars doing this.
So you know when you keep on fooling someone, one day that person will know, and make it difficult if not impossible to fool him again.
So G2A has made refund difficult, so when you meet their terms for refund you will be refunded.
But sometimes the refunds may not come.
But here is how to go about getting your refunds the right way.

– Contact

If you have an unused key that has not been displayed you can get your refund easily, if it has been displayed you can still get your money back.
For an unused key that hasn’t been displayed contact them through the Live chat via their website.
Chat them up and tell them your situation, if they investigate and it is legit then you will be refunded.
For a key that has been displayed, create a ticket or use the Live chat.

– Third party

There may be some cases where you may not be able to get a refund, in this case you might consider using a third party, such third party services can be obtained through some forums, like MPG forums.

– Paypal

You can use PayPal services which is reliable, just request for a refund, providing the proof Paypal requires, Paypal will then take it from there.
This are all the legit ways you can ensure you get your money back, if there is any other way please let me know.


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