How To Fix NAT Type Failed PS4 Error

It is quiet common to get Nat type error on PS4, it is frustrating especially if you love gaming on your console.
Like you I got this error, I did some research, sifting through a lot of information on this topic,  separating the ones that worked from the ones that didn’t. At the end I found out various working ways to get this done.
There are various reasons why this error comes up, as I don’t know your model, you may have to try one or more methods before Nat type error goes away.
1. Open the below PSN port numbers on your router. You ISP manufacturer or dealer can put you through on how to do this, is pretty much simple
TCP: 80, 443, 465, 993, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080UDP: 3478, 3479
Additional ports used for other specific functions/features are:
TCP: 9293 (for Remote Play & Remote Start)TCP: 1935, 28052899, 6667 (for viewing or hosting Live Broadcasting)TCP: 9309 (for Content Manager Assistant)UDP: 9293 (for Remote Play & Remote Start)UDP: 9309 (for Content Manager Assistant)
2. Set A static IP
There are two ways to do this, each one will or will not work depending on the model. Try both of them one should work.
• You have to manually enter your router settings into ps4, to get this information check either the bottom of your router or log onto a windows PC which is connected to that router. 
• On your computer click windows, locate search, type run and click on it. Then press cmd and press enter, this should open up a command prompt screen, type in ipconfig/all (no space) and press enter. From here locate either Ethernet or wireless LAN adapter. Take note of the ipv4 address (this is the ip adress) the default gateway, the subnet mask and the dns severs. 
• Next go to network settings and set up your network, go to wireless or wired  then type in all the details you have found above manually, don’t use Auto. If done correctly you will have internet connection, if not you may have typed in a number wrong so double check. 
You should now have NAT type 2.
On your computer, open browser, then type in your ip in the top bar > set up an alternate IP address. It is under DMZ host in most router. Different routers may have diffrent names.
Next input this numbers following this pattern  XXX.XXX.XXX.ZZZ. The x’s = the numbers in your current IP address. The z’s = numbers you pick. You can pick from 100 to 115.
Then go and set custom settings on your PS4, use all the numbers you find on your router, but for the top one put the number you just entered in your router.
Hope it worked, this worked for me, if you have other method that worked for you, please share through the comments section as others may benefit from your solutions.

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