How To Make Photo College For Facebook

Creating photo collage on Facebook is now easy as the’re now lots of tools available to do that without hitches, you make your FB timeline stand out give it a touch that is balanced,
by making your photos unique.

We’re going to see how to make college photos specifically for Facebook, actually it’s simple you just need to pay attention to the details.

How To Make Photo College For Facebook

What you’ll need

You’ll need a photo editor that will help you combine photos and ultimatly make it a college. The’re two types of photo editor; online editor and offline editor (usually downloaded).

Online photo editor

With online photo editor you can make a college or picture colleges as the case may be instantly, it’s fast, cool, convienent and offer other lots of features like; removing blemshies, dark sport, red eye, pimples(acne) etc.
When it comes to customizable backgrounds, flexible templates, and cool effects, PicMonkey, Pizap,Ribbet are for you. PicMonkey is a free/premium photo editor that works in your browser, this means you don’t have to download or install any software.

Fix your pictures and add beautiful filters and text. Make up facial features and create outstanding graphics. Very easy, and generously gorgeous. You can edit photos right in collage cells, adjust the size, exposure, rotate and flip individual pictures even after you’ve placed them in your photo collage.

There are designer patterns and colors present, which you can use complement your photos, you can also add text and graphic.

Pizap and Rebbet basically do the same things Picmonkey does, exepect that they do it with a twist. You can produce almost any college you want.

Offline Photo Editor

This is used to edit pictures offline, which means creating colleges to put on Facebook has to be done on your computer. Here you’ll have to download a software before this can work. Unlike the web based photo editors this one takes time, as you’ll have to download the software so that you can load the enviroment.
A good Offline photo editor for making FB colleges is.

  • Photo college Studio

it allows you merge many photos side by side. You get to combine many photos togeter, with lots of scrapbook layouts, you just need add the photos into the layout. Different layouts can decide the photo numbers you can put into. You can use Photoshop if you know your way around it.

Photo college for Facebook cover and albums made easy

This are the steps to create a college and sideload it your FB either as album cover or profile picture.

  • 1. Identify which photo editor you want to use.
  • 2. Visit the website if you selected online editor, or download the software if you want to go the offline way.

  • 3. Once you’re in the environment you can pretty much do it yourself, as the interface is easy and the whole thing is simplified and easy to understand.
  • That is all, have any question comment via the box, you can also read up on  how to design custom wedding invitation cards 

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