How To Turn Your SmartPhones Into Computer Webcams For Video Calling

September 14, 2013

Steps To Convert Your Smartphone To Webcam

1. Select and download the best app that suits you from this list,
2. Install it, run it follow the instructions which are simple and connect it to your smartphone
3. Some requires you connect your phone using wi-fi, bluthooth or Usb cable, find out which one and connect, you are good to go!

Benefits Of converting Your Smartphone To Webcam

Webcams are one of many gadgets which are indispensible, with webcam you can monitor people, chat with friends and relatives, use it as baby monitor camara, spy cam, security camera, surveillance camera and pet cam

Some Examples Of Smartphones

Since I want to make sure readers grasp this tutorial without hitches, that’s why this aspect is included in this post, still read what makes a phone a phone as everything you need to know is there.

However smartphones are phones which are really smart examples are -Phones that runs on Android, Windows and other higher OS, phones that have duel OS like Java to Symbian are included also. Others are Apple, iphone etc.

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