Steps To Help You Send Automatic Birthday Messages On Facebook

birthday messages on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network on the internet, with many users, those users includes you and some of your friends and relatives. There are many things one can do on Facebook, sending birthday messages is one of them.

You may have many friends on Facebook, also apart from Facebook you may be involved in other social network like Twitter, and Pinterest, hence the need to manage your time. If you have a lot friends sending each one birthday messages is difficult or nearly impossible even if you do you can’t possibly send all birthday messages on their birthday’s. With this trick you can send birthday messages even to more than 5000 friends at the same time, the best part of this trick is that it’s fully supported by networking giant Facebook.

Why You Need To Send Birthday Messages

Sending birthday messeges to your Facebook friends has many advantages, and it also opens many doors you may not know it but its advantages are imense.
* It increases your popularity- If you keep sending birthday messeges to your Facebook contact friends then they are bound to notice you more, and are likely to respond to you.
* You can get leads and sales- If you are on Facebook to make money then you need this trick, customers love those who are closer to them and pay attention to them, sending them birthday messeges ensures you get their attention on you and your products
* It increase visitors to your site- Whether you are a blogger or you need traffic to your site or blog, then remembering your friends birthdays and sending them birthday wishes gets you their attention, they’ll click any link you share knowing that you have their interest at heart.
* Finally birthday wishes creates a strong emotional bond between you the sender and anyone the receiver- Imagine how you feel when someone tells you “happy birthday” that feeling also happens to anyone you tell happy birthday especially on Facebook where everyone is always busy to care.

6 Steps To Send Auto Birthday Messages

1. First log into your Facebook Account, by going to their website if you don’t have any open one.
2. Then Open birthday FBwebsite.
3. Click on” CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK”. It will run an app allow it to run.
4. Grant access to the app by allowing the application to post.
5. You’ll see like this (It is showing your facebook friendsupcoming birthday friends profile)
6. Click on the Drop down menu and select write message and click on SAVE button.

Congrats! You’ve set that up, don’t miss any more post subscribe now!


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