How To View Full Site Of Bank Of America On Mobile Devices

The Bank of America official website can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you are trying to do something important on the site and you are accessing it on your mobile device.
It will some how redirect you to their mobile website, which like every mobile versions of sites, are limited in what they can do.
 The features in the Bank of America mobile site are limited.
So here are the things you need to do
1. For Android Users

– Download any of the following browsers through play store Opera and Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
– Open any one you prefer (Mozilla preferably). Type the Bank of America Address and launch, you’ll be taken to the mobile version of their site.
– There are two ways to switch the full site. One is to look on top your browser for the vertical dotted line, (used to get options) tap on it and then go down and tick ‘request desktop Site’
The full site now loads.
Note: This method doesn’t work often with most browsers and devices.
– So use this link instead this leads directly to their full website, where all feature are loaded up.
– Or you can go the website, scroll down and look for ‘View Full Site’ You should now be able to switch to the full site of Bank of America on your Android phone.
2. For iOS (iPhone, iPad)

This one is pretty simple and straight forward.
Assuming you have Safari,
– Open it up, load it up with the website you intend visiting, then
– Tap and hold the Refresh icon in the URL bar and you’ll see the option to “Request Desktop Site” at the bottom.
Or you can do directly to the Desktop version by going to this
You should be able to open the full site of Bank of America on your mobile devices, like iPad,  iPhone and Android phones.

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