How To View Private Myspace Pictures Without Being A Friend

How To View Myspace Pictures Without Being A Friend
You don’t really need to be a friend in order to see some private pictures on Myspace, you don’t even need the person’s acceptance, you only need one thing, just one simple thing.

Is not money because you don’t need to pay anything, is no effort because you’re not gonna break a sweat, nor do you have to spend sleepless night monitoring MySpace website, so as to take the advantage when it occasionally goes down offering the few who are opportune the opportunity of seeing private things.

What you need for this to work is to get the person’s Myspace ID, I mean the real ID, not the usual ones people often believe to be the ID.

The Friend ID is usually located at the end of the person’s MySpace URL and is a string of numbers. If you still can’t find it, follow this step to get the ID

  • Visit ID Generator , this site generates the ID of Myspace users using the URL obtained. Enter the URL in the website Generator then tap or click Submit. You’ll get the Friend ID. CTR A then CTR C on your PC keyboard to copy.

  •  Manually type in a URL code that allows you to view private pictures with the Friend ID at the end into your browser. For instance, consider a URL like this

  • Now paste that Friend ID after the equals sign =. Tab or click Enter, to process it. 

  • The above URL code isn’t the only type code that could be used to view MySpace private pictures on that person’s profile.
Also important is to note that these codes are time sensitive, it expires some quickly some not.

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