The Hard Ways To View Private Facebook Pictures

This is an update to the article ‘easy way to view private or hidden Facebook pictures’ this update is important because as with any thing simple it won’t work that well, even if it does work it still won’t last. Your best bet is to go the hard way, yes the road might be hard but at least you’ll have a higher percentage of getting what you want.

We start off with the first method which is easy but may not get you all the locked Facebook photos you crave, but one thing is certain as far as FB still support this feature you’ll get something worthwhile unless of course the unexpected happens. Again this method is especially good when the person blocks you when he/she is not your friend.

To be successful you’ll need to have

A knowledge of Facebook (if you can create an account you have it.)
A different account (especially a new and empty one.)

i. Log in to Facebook with that account, type the person’s name and visit the person’s profile. Being a stranger you’ll see just a few photos if you’re fortunate

 Read Easy way to view private or locked Facebook 

ii. To see more hidden photos you have to use graph search mouse back to the search field and click once, a drop down box appears with many options like
*. Private Photos
*. Pages the user likes etc

3. Clicking on any of this options brings up a wealth of information even the owner don’t know can be seen, even embarrassing images. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the results gotten from this method you can move over to the second one.

Second Method

This is the hard way, very hard because this method requires patience, endurance, wisdom and perseverance to succeed. Anything that requires the above is indeed hard, you might as well stop reading, and stick with the first way, ok you’re still reading you may already have perseverance.

i. Study your target, know the pages he/she likes, his or her friends, what he or she likes and dislikes as shown by status, or profile.

ii. Armed with this info create a new account centered on the information you got, that is the target’s likes should be your likes, your profile should agree with his/her’s, etc also try to add her friends and make sure some if not all accept you, so that you’ll have mutual friends with the targeted person, this increases your chance of being accepted as a friend.

iii. Once you make sure every possible angle is covered, request for friendship, if you did everything as it should be done you’ll be accepted.

iv. As a friend, you’ll get to see a lot more pictures, and have a chance to get the person to really open up and show you others.

You need to make your target like you to the extent of missing you. Constant texting, chatting and even calling on the phone will get you that, thus making the person emotionally attached to you. Your target may perhaps see you as an ally and not a foe, telling things you won’t have heard otherwise. It’s at this point he or she is deficient you’ll need to strike get the person to open her private FB photos for you. How do I that you may ask, well create a problem and center the solution on the pictures. It’s now left for you find out the most suitable problem to create.

Note: You might make some adjustment on this number 2 method, as what worked for me (oh yes it worked for me) may not walk for you.

Important Every one values their privacy, I do too. You can learn how to protect yourself by reading this and avoid people viewing your private pictures on Facebook.

By Chimatim

Mr Tim an author in, he writes for various digital and prints media platforms.

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