Infinix #TheNextHero Will Soon Arrive Watch Out!

Infinix #TheNextHero Will Soon Arrive Watch Out!

For followers and my personal friends and followers across many social network platform, those of you who have been asking me what the KEVLAR post meant, well here is more light to KEVLAR Infinix relationship, the reason why Infinix is letting people know about their product or event before hand is simply so that people especially Infinix fans can contribute and help spread the word around, this thus creates an atmosphere of suspense, curiosity and excitement (S.C.E) it’s a good thing that they are giving information bit by bit, you know keeping their cards close to their chest. After all what makes those movies you love so much thick, is the same SCE, suspense curiosity and excitement are always a good thing.

Here is the official statement direct from Infinix mobile about the next big thing.

“All lovers of sleek smart phones are in for a massive surprise as Infinix Mobility launches the #TheNextHero hashtag across different social media platforms.”

So you see they are involved in massive promotion, though the company is keeping the details of the event or product close to its chest, but the excitement and expectations are very high due to the strong brand presence that Infinix Mobility has created in the Nigerian market within a few years of entry.

The excitement has reached a fever-pitch online, especially on Facebook with the users answering questions developed around the various attributes of a “hero”. That is in case #TheNextHero is about a new phone launch and not a event, the online users have been suggesting different kind of features that they would like to see in the phone.

Here is what Infinix Mobility Head of Marketing, Peter Zhou, has to say “#TheNextHero is about developing conversation with our community of users, who are key to our business. We want to feel their pulse and elicit feedback that could be useful as we finalize and reveal the concept behind the #TheNextHero.


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