List Of Facebook Logins For Security

Here is a list of all known general Facebook logins, the logins are those means by which you can use to access your account at any time. You also need to know them as a security precaution so that you’ll know if someone else is getting into your account and what device he/she uses.

List Of Facebook Logins For Security

This information is handy especially during these days of smart h├Ąckers, and social network spies, armed with this information you can defeat if not avoid them although a simple thing like setting login email notifications can do the trick, so that whenever someone logs in you’ll get an email alert. Even more so is it’s usefulness to you, for other you get to know where and how you can access your Facebook accounts without going to their official website, whether FB has approved third-party logins and many other things.

The List

There are two major ways of accessing FB, they are listed below, and their explanation was given.

1. FB official

This is the Facebook official authorized way of login in to your account. This comprises of Fb official website and Fb messenger application, and they are all owned by Facebook.

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To log in to Facebook directly via their website just good to on your web browser and input your credentials. To sign in via their messenger you have to first download the messenger through their application store see how to download FB messenger for how to do that. 

After downloading and installation open it and fill in your sign in information. There are major difference between going directly through their website and signing in through their messenger, with the messenger you can’t actually do major customization on your account, the messenger is ideal for chatting and making friends. While the website can be likened to a jack of all trades idiom.

FB unofficial/third party

This is those websites and applications that can be used to login to Facebook, these login gateways are not listed by Facebook nor are they owned by them. They can only login to your account if you the individual authorizes them to do so. Which means anyone with your username and passwords can enter your account through this means. Examples of this third-party websites and applications are: Websites and Messengers


Social websites like Stumbleupon, Linkedin, Yahoo, Digg, Myspace, etc. To find out, just check whether the site you are using has signed in through Facebook kind of button or text. If so you’ll know that’s a website login. Generally, you have to authorize it for it to work, the majority of those websites also require you to allow them to post on your behalf and many other things, you might as well keep an eye on that.


Chat Messengers like 2go, Whatsapp, Skype, Yahoo etc offers Facebook gateways to full users. Which means you can be on Whatsapp and import your FB friends and then chat with them. This too requires your own personal authorization for it to work.

In summary, we’ve learned the two types of Facebook logins we have, its examples and how to spot them. We also have seen how to protect ourselves from becoming a victim of account hijacking by setting up notifications (if you read the above link that is) and many other things.

You have to know though despite the many examples of third-party logins your account is still in your hands as Facebook won’t automatically accept them for you’ll have to do it yourself.
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