Top Tested 20 Free URL Shorteners For Sharing

URL shorteners are cool handy things to use if you want to lend a mysterious feel and look to your shared contents, it not only makes people wonder what is shared it makes them follow the links and read whatever has been writt
Moreover, there is nothing more annoying than seeing that article or post you like, which you believe can help others and can’t share it to a website like Twitter simply because its link is too long. What can you do? The only logical thing to do is to shorten that link, make it small and manageable. To do that you need to go to a web-based service known as URL shorteners.

Top Tested 20 Free URL Shorteners For Sharing

This URL shorteners offer internet-based service on making web address short, you can even do other things with URL Shorteners things like tracking those who followed those links. For more on URL shorteners and how to use them please see the quickest way to shorten URLs Like I said before, Socially active users who are on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Myspace or any website will benefit from shortening their links with this top tested web links shrinkers.

Below is the list of 20 top tested URL shorteners that will shorten any link

2. Beam.To
6. EasyURL
10. LNK.IN
11. McAfee Secure Short
13. reducelnk
14. ShrinkURL
15. SnipURL
19. TinyURL

The above URL shorteners are good not just for sharing contents but helping people find interesting contents, it benefits are many when compared to its disadvantages. You should use them.

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