How To Easily Get Someones IP Address From Facebook

Here is how to easily get the IP address of any Facebook user, this will, in turn, help you to know the location or the country the person you are chatting with is from.
In order to get someone’s IP address, you need to get the person to visit a place, where you have already installed an IP tracker.
Everything you are going to work with here is free.
1. Head over to Tumblr and open a new account, If you have one fine.

To open a Tumblr account 

– Goto

Click on get started, fill in the appropriate field.
-Then click sign up.
How To Easily Get Someones IP Address From Facebook
– You’ll be given a link that contains your username. copy it, this is the link you’ll use when you’ve installed the IP tracker.
– You can also write something about yourself if you want.
2. Now to get an IP tracker head over to and create a free account.
– Goto ‘add new project’ fill in the appropriate details, and click add project
Note: The ‘Project URL’ field is where you will paste the Tumbler link URL you copied in step 1.

Install IP tracker to your Tumbler account and connect everything together

3. Once you’ve finished adding a new project, the next page will guide you through the whole installation.
– The next page that opens is ‘Choose an Installation Guide for your Website’
– From the list select Tumblr.
The next page that opens contains instruction on how to hook it up with your Tumblr account.
– After which scroll down and click check installation, to see whether you’ve successfully connected everything.
How To Easily Get Someones IP Address From Facebook
4. Once you’ve connected everything together, is now time to get the IP address.

– Copy your Tumblr link

– You’ll need to make the Facebook user visit your link. You can use anyway, trick him or her if you must just make the person click on it. (helpful hint: You can ask the person to just visit ‘your link’ if you want to know more about what I like, etc)
– Before you share the Tumblr, you can head over to any URL shortener, like and shorten the link. it will look like this ‘’ after shortening it.

– After you confirmed that the person has visited your link (you can ask a question based on what you wrote on your Tumblr site, just to make sure the person really visited)

– Head over to Statscounter, and check the stat, by going to recent page activity, on the left sidebar.
– Click on it, you will now see the person’s full details, the IP address, the city, state, town, and country, the computer he or she is using and browser. If you click on magnify icon you’ll see more details.
How To Easily Get Someones IP Address From Facebook
Note; This is not 100 percent reliable as some people now use VPN to change their location. but 90 percent of the time normal humans don’t use VPN to mask their identity. Even if the person uses VPN it is not 24 hours, continue getting the person to visit, you’ll surely catch him off guard.

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