List of Top Most Searched Social Media Sites Of The Year

Curious to know what every Tom, Harry and others searched this year especially as regards to sites used mainly to make friends and communicate with new people? I’m talking about social media sites of course.

The internet is abuzz with a lot of things, perhaps cluttered when it comes to it, as a result sorting and sifting through them is a lot difficult. Among this “things” that is on the internet now are social media sites. There are a lot them.

A lot really not just mr. Facebook and other popular ones, but they are more more than you think, come to think of it, how many times have you joined a community of people online, where you could go and upload your pictures, chat with friends, share files and write your thoughts? Do you now see? You just mi ght be joining more social media networks than you think!

How knowing top Social Media sites will help you

If you really want to help reduce the net clutter then you need to join the networks that are actually productive, how do we know that a social media site is productive? Their popularity answers this question. It has to with how many times they are searched by people and the the amount of satisfaction each individual user gained from using each particular network. Productivity depends on your needs, for example bloggers, webmasters, social media marketers etc if this top network site gives them what they want (traffic, sales, etc) then they are productive, this too applies to everybody-from individuals who are on this website to chat with friends, if they offer you and your friends the best chat experience difinitly they are productive because you’re getting what you want.

Although data from Bing (one of the three popular search engines located and the right hand side of your Mozilla browser) are used here to place the top social media sites in order , that is from first to the last, it is a proven fact that the amount of members, not just any members active users that constantly visits them and their productivity are what made them the popular social media networks, and also it helped rank them in this list most searched social network sites.

What are Social Media Sites?

This are websites that are created mainly for health community-like interactions, where you’ll come, register as a member, make friends and start chatting. Pictures can be shared, message could be sent even face to face conversion are supported in most sites through the use of video calling.

List of Top Social Media sites

Facebook tops the chart as the most searched social media network this year 2013, followed by Pinterest who edged out Twitter. Here is the top 10 social media sites proper

2 Pinterest
3 Twitter
4 LinkedIn
5 Instagram
6 tumblr
7 Reddit
8 Vimeo
9 Vine
10 Google+

Although there are a lot websites that offers the services of those mentioned above, this are the top ones people searched for this year using Bing/Yahoo web search. People are always talking about them that is why they are the most popular. Although Google plus is last by being on number 10, they are growing constantly and they now have many users, than they have before, it is not easy when you’re considering that they are directly competing with Facebook which always top this type of chart.


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