Any regular guy that wants to be successful online and be called a blogger sets up a blog, and blogs we know are the best way to gain visitors and increase sales including ad placements. So it goes too with individuals who wants to make money blogging, they set up a site to accomplish that.

When it comes to search engines, Google is  definitely the King, as it’s in search engines it’s also in Tech, Social media etc, the truth is in every area of the Internet there is always a leader which is considered a King.

In blogging we have that too, we have a King, a King that seats on its throne and govern or decide whether we receive the exposure we need, though when it comes to that King we are completely in control which means our blogging King has no authority. But what many don’t know is apart from the King we have the most high, most treasured of all, held in high regard by bloggers, without it there won’t be any blogs. What is it then? “the Blogging God” that’s the one thing that keeps a site going.

The Most Talked About-Blogging God

I’ve read on many Blogs about contents being King, about contents being the most important thing a blogger should always try hard to produce. Truth be told content is King yes, but what happens if a site has the contents very good ones for that matter but lacks readers, because nobody is visiting them, nobody is reading the things written on that blog where does that leave the site? Your guess is good as mine.

But the fact remains in other to gain this readerships, and visitors to your site, and to make your site popular  you need the “Blogging God” that’s the only way.

What is the Blogging God?

This is simply the visitors coming to your blogs. If you need readers to succeed, you need its God, which is traffic and in other to gain that traffic you need visitors which translates to readers and subscribers, they in turn translates to money. So you see they are all related, with the God at its head, unlike the King which is content, you are not in charge, you may only alert the God to check out the King but from then on whether it checks it out or not is out of your power, however if you alert it the right way then be sure it’ll come. So you see you can’t control it.

It’s no longer what it used to be where one will tell you the most important thing in online content-creation is content. You can spend all your time writing that killer article and publishing it, but without the “Blogging God” the article is nothing. The fact is some blogs that gets lots of visitors get to be successful even if they have little killer contents.

Gaining The Blogging God

Gaining this God involves alerting him the right way, because technically, Spritiually and otherwise a God superior is to humans, so if you want a favour from him you will approach him the right way. Since you can’t control the God, you then have to make effort to get it. Using a combination of

Great contents (king),
Article directories,
Content curation and syndication
Guest post.

You will then get it, as you are alerting the God the right way. They’re various ways to gain traffic to your site, among them is submitting your blog to this trying out some high Dofollow directories or top 10 free blog directories. This will work for you mostly in the long run, if you do it the right way, however if you want it instantly you might try guest post, other than paid means that is the fastest way of gaining the ultimate.

Whichever one you chose remember there is always a leader in every thing not just online but in life in general. So do everything in your power to get the “Blogging God” and remember content is King but a God is greater than a King.

You want to kickstart your blogging carear? Start from the basics like having a free platform like mine. My friend +Mike Allton featured a guest blogger +Adam Prattler, on one his blog which happens to be one of my favourite, about knowing the reason for blogging. You might check that too as this explains beautifully the workings of a mind set on blogging.

By Chimatim

Mr Tim an author in, he writes for various digital and prints media platforms.

2 thoughts on “The Internet Blogging God For Blogs”
  1. What is Blogging God? It's"traffic and in order to gain that traffic, you need visitors, which translates to readers and subscribers, they in turn translate to money."

    Blogs needs blogging Gods to keep alive or successful. The twist of this article is mind-numbing, but really great since it's quite creative and witty.

    Thanks you for the insightful ideas you shared with us. I deed enjoyed reading.

  2. If we cannot control the "blogging god" we can at least appease him by regularly doing the Needed. This would include sharing the appealing and valuable contents that answer questions he has posed!

    Visitors are the reason we blog and it becomes important to retain their support!

    This post was found in kingged where it was shared and upvoted.

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