Top Amazing Things An Android Is Capable Of With Latest Gadgets

Do you have an Android device? Possibly a smartphone or other gadget, no doubt you’re a proud owner of one. But do you no your Android could do many amazing things like wash your cloth with a washing machine or watch TV, it can even be converted to a computer complete with it own keyboard!

Suprised? Really I can sense some doubt in some of you, but you shouldn’t since there is virtually nothing impossible in tech perhaps difficult but not impossible. Gadgets that runs on Android OS can be said to be supersmart, why because this OS is super in itself, with its robust functionality, ease of use, internet connectivity options and most importantly especially for smartphones its app store which is stocked with so many apps that could do what you can’t imagine possible.

In this list I’ll just highlight what a particular Android device could do, what you need to do it and the name of the gadget including how it works. Some gadgets can be used with your smartphone, it can be controlled with it, while some others don’t, but it possess many more features even a tab more than your regular smartphone.

List of Android Utility Gadgets and Functions

1. Android Washing Machine
There is a washing machine now powered by Android, which was rolled out recently after production by Samsung of the worlds major consumer goods manufacturers. This gadget can be controlled with a smartphone via an app, it also has internet connection and WiFi. Your clothes will be washed and you get notification on its development while still in the washing machine.

2. The Android TV
There is now an Android powered TV that can be used to watch many channels both free-over the-air and cable, it can also be used to watch internet videos. It accepts app installation, playing games, it has USB slot so can conn use Keyboard with it and chat with friends on Twitter, Facebook or Skype.

3. The Android Camera
The Android camera is a device that not only takes picture, but has WiFi and 3G internet connectivity which makes it possible to share those pictures instantly. It can also access Android apps via the app store. It can even do wonders on pictures, altering or shaping it to your test.

4. Android Set Top Box for TVs
The Android Set Top Box allows Android apps to be used in Television (TV) screens, with this device can do more than your regular TV can do, you can play games on the TV screen, connect to internet, watch High Definition movies use all kind of android apps on it. Installation is easy just buy the device plug it into your regular TV via the slot meant for you DVDs. With this device you may not need Android TV unless you want to turn it to a computer.

5. Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Though its an app it’s very popular among smartphone users, and the most talked about new thing in the world of tech. This app enables Android users chat with friends using the popular BBM, once exclusively to Blackberry users.

To break it down an Android device could be used amazingly to peform this functions. It can
ii. Serve as a Washing machine
ii. Serve as a Television
iii. Share your pictures instantly to the web.
iv. Serve as Camera
v. Connect to the internet and can serve as a computer.

There is no denying the fact that Android OS is one of the hottest device in this 21 centuary, it also has many users especially among smartphone users more even than Windows. If you’re not in the train you are really missing out as more and more features are being added.


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