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Top 10 Sites To Get Free OurWorld Gem Codes

These are the best websites to get free our world gem codes on a continuous basis. From time to time these codes are shared out to fans on these websites. If you are an active player in this game then you should know how valuable these types of codes are.

OurWorld game is indeed interesting if you know how to use these gems, though one thing is to know how to use these gems another thing is to get the gems itself.

Uses of Oursworld gem codes

These codes are used for several things like getting more lives, getting past difficult levels and getting appropriate places quickly.

With this, you practically increase your chances of survival.

How to use OurWorld gem codes

To make use of this gem codes once you’ve got them,

Go to account settings > User settings
Then come down to where you will see “Got a coupon” now enter these gems there.

Our world gems are time-sensitive, what this means is it has an expiry date. So you need to enter these codes before it expires.

List of sites to get free Ourwourld gem codes

1. Facebook page

This may not be the official Facebook page of this game, I don’t think they even have an official although this one claim to be official Facebook page when you look at superficial, this page can pass for their official one, as they share authentic codes now and then you can get good working codes right from this Facebook page.

You just need to be monitoring the Facebook page from time, not just once from time. This is necessary because from the time they share free our world gems codes. So don’t want to miss out on any of the gems that might be shared.

Visit their Facebook page.

2. Ourgemcodes

Another one is the site that shares our world gem codes every Wednesday. Apart from the regular sharing of our world gem codes, they also support user-generated content. What this means you can get the gem codes from other users.

Just to comment section and check the other player’s comments, you will surely pick up active Ourword gem codes from them. Don’t forget whenever you get these codes, you should endeavor to share them with others. This helps the community.

Visit site


EDITOR’S BEST PICK  is the ultimate site for free codes and walk around, the site is simply a combination of the above site rolled into one.

They monitor the web for free game codes, including Ourworld gem codes. They have a whole section dedicated to providing our Ourword gem codes free daily.

You have an option to set up automatic code notification with your email address, so you’ll be notified of new codes once they are posted, this so because Ourwourld gems codes are time-sensitive.


You can choose to have these gems automatically injected into your Ourworld game. This the best site so far.

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4. Cory codes

This is a blog site that shares these gem codes from time to time. No registration, no signup. Just visit and use any available codes for your game. These codes are available to everyone so you have to be fast before it expires.


visit site


5. Ourworldbuzz

This is just like the other blog site, except Here codes are shared from time to time for visitors to use on their game. Like the others they have expiring time, you need to use them well.

Visit site:

6. Mohamed654

This is a site mainly for tutorials and walkthroughs, but from time to time gem codes are given out. Although you have to be on the site to monitor what is going on so that you can grab the codes as soon as it is posted.

Visit site,   Sub reddit

This is the unofficial subreddit for Ourworld gem, what you need to do is to follow this subreddit and subscribe if possible although a subscription is not necessary.

But it is important if you want to get the codes as soon as it is posted. This subreddit on Reddit is a growing community with small membership so the codes are posted daily and often. It is an active community. If you have codes you can do well to share with the community. You know to give back to the community.

7. Sassymassy5

This site is no longer active, but the interesting thing is some of these codes posted some years ago are can still be used, I don’t know how but it worked. You can take advantage of these codes before it stops working.

There are other places you can get Ourworld gems for free, places like Reddit, Quora, game planet, etc. But these places are not consistent. The three websites are consistent in sharing active working Ourword gem codes.

Visit site: Sassymasssy

Others are


9. Creditforall (discontinued)

10. Ohmpa (no longer active)


Editor’s Best Pick


Number 3.  


  • Daily free gems
  • Email subscription

  • Injected into your account

  • Can get many gems using any of these methods.


  • Not instant
  • Restricted to once per user
  • Some form of verification.

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