We’ve all been there, whether it’s a first date or that special someone we’re looking forward to spending our life with, figuring out when is the right time to take things further can be difficult.

Top 4 Dating calculator Apps with Age

The good news is that dating calculators have your back! They calculate everything from how long two people will likely spend alone together before hooking up, to how much longer someone should wait after their last breakup.

Here are four of the best dating calculators on the market today — each one has an age associated with it. Some are free to download while others require you to sign in using your email address and password. All provide personalized results based on your inputs, so don’t worry if you’re not sure about any questions.

Some of these apps and sites are completely free to use which means you don’t have to pay any subscription money, though in some you have to do some free task or stuff like that to use. For others, you have to unlock the premium features. Is alright the free ones will get the job done for you to some extent though.

Major features


1. Dating calculator apps with Time and age

Calculate time between dates or add/subtract time from certain dates. Free download.*Please read the disclaimer at the end of this description!

Date Calculator features in overview:

– Calculate time (duration) between two dates (without time of day)

– Calculate time (duration) between two dates (incl. time of day)

– Add/subtract time (years, months, weeks, days) to/from any date

The app automatically converts the result into different time units like years, days, seconds, minutes, and hours.

You can use the app e.g. for calculating due dates and other purposes.

The time calculator calculates the actual timespan, i.e. the switch from daylight saving time (summertime) to winter time (standard time) or vice versa has already been taken into account.

This app calculates how long two people will likely spend alone before hooking up. You input information like height, weight, sexual orientation, location, ethnicity, religion, education level, career, etc. The result shows you how long they’d typically hang out without seeing other people. It also tells you how old you both would need to be to have sex. If you want to know what you should do next, follow the link at the bottom of the screen for additional resources.

Download: Dating Calculator for iOS | Android (Free)

2. Dating calculator apps with the calendar

This dating calculator uses a calendar view to help you determine when you should start texting someone new. Simply enter your name, birthday, gender, and current relationship status and the tool will tell you when you should text them. You’ll see a pop-up window with several dates highlighted where you could send texts to improve your chances of getting a response. This app provides a fun way to figure out when the perfect moment is to ask someone out.

Download: Date by Date Text Message Dating App for iOS ($1.99)

3. Dating calculators for pregnancy

Major features

Want to know how many days you can receive the Christmas gift? Want to know how many days you will have the college entrance exam? Want to know how many days the 158-day wealth management product expired? This tool helps you to calculate the distance between any time, down to the second. It can also calculate the day after that day at any time. This tool is not only for wealth management but also for a period of time. It can tell you the date before or after a certain period.

Download Date and Time Calculator 4+ – App Store

For those hoping to get pregnant, this app may come in handy as well. Enter your partner’s age, fertility, and basal body temperature, and the app will calculate the probability of conception within 28 days. When you reach your goal, share it with friends via Facebook or Twitter. And don’t forget to check out the blog for more useful tips!

4. Download: Julian Date Calculator for Women for iOS (Free)

If you can’t decide which person to choose, try these dating websites that match you up according to personality type.

These dating calculators aren’t just limited to finding out when to go on dates with someone. One even helps you make sense of your love life by helping you understand when you were most compatible with past partners.

Whether you’re trying to decide whether to take things to the next step with someone you’re interested in, or wondering how often you should meet someone new, these tools have got you covered.

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