Top 7 Free Video chat apps with Strangers

In some video chat apps, you might not even know their names, as their names are not written on the screen, and are not displayed.

While some sites you have the option to ask them their name if they want they will tell you but remember these sites are anonymous video chat sites with strangers, so don’t be surprised if they tell you a fake name.

When a mean a fake name, I mean names that are not theirs.

Ever wanted to chat with strangers from all over the globe. But, don’t want them to be able to see your face and name. Or even worse – have a look at what you are doing on your screen. It’s easy to set up an anonymous account and start chatting with other unknown individuals. And if they also use the same service then it becomes fun to discover new friends from different parts of this big planet Earth.

Here I’ve listed the top 7 best free video chat apps with strangers online that can help you find some interesting chats and make new friendships, if you are a fan of the traditional dating sites, you can check out this list of 5 Free Dating Websites In the USA Without Payment

If you prefer the video version here you have it

Video Call Apps For Android

1. Omegle– This one has been in existence since 2004 and probably every person has heard about Omegle. The reason why so many users remain faithful to this service as compared to others like Yahoo! Messenger or Google Hangouts is its simplicity. You just need to register a profile, choose whether you would like to connect with males only or females only (or both), and hit the Start Chatting button. As soon as you click on Start Chatting, you will get instant access to thousands of random people who might show interest in making a connection with you. If you wish to keep chatting with someone else, simply go back into settings and turn off “Enable Auto-Start”. This way you won’t have to manually start any chat session each time.

 best free video chat apps with strangers online

However, there are certain features that require registration. To enable these features you must signup for a premium membership by paying $3 per month.

2. Chatrandom – Another popular choice among millions of mobile phone users worldwide. The interface is similar to Omegle but slightly better looking and more user-friendly. There aren’t too many restrictions here either. Just create a username, select gender preferences and you’re good to go. No registration is required. Chatrandom uses 256-bit encryption technology to ensure the privacy of information shared between two parties while communicating through their website. They claim that no third-party company ever gets involved in such a communication process.

 best free video chat apps with strangers online

3. Chaingechat – Similar to Omegle and ChatRandom that Chaingechat offers an unlimited number of participants during each session. Also, it allows you to send virtual gifts to members of other communities. So basically, you could gift money to another member from within the community itself.

In addition, the Chaingechats feature list includes support for multiple simultaneous audio/video conversations. One nice thing about Chaingechat is that it doesn’t ask you to enter personal details like birthdays etc… Instead, you can add yourself using your email address. Once added, Chaingechat automatically populates the birthdays’ calendar with your data. All you need to do now is to log in and enjoy your favorite live cam shows anywhere and anytime.

4. Skype – Skype was first released in 2003 and today, Microsoft owns it after acquiring its original developers. Users can join groups of people together and talk simultaneously in real-time mode. Register a Skype ID and share it with anyone. Then pick out someone from the pool of contacts and begin talking instantly. Skype comes preinstalled on most smartphones nowadays.

Though, it does have limitations when used for video calling. Firstly, it requires you to download a separate application called Skype Lite before starting a voice/video chat session. Secondly, it limits the number of minutes that you can speak/views per day. Although it may sound limiting to you, Skype is still preferred because of its ease of use and availability. Moreover, it supports various types of media files including mp4, Mkv, WMV, Avi, MOV, Flv, mpeg1,2,4, gif, jpg, png, and BMP.

5. Kik messenger – Kik messenger is yet another great alternative to Skype. Like Skype, it lets you communicate with other users located nearby. But unlike Skype, it has very limited functionality. It only permits sending messages, photos, and videos. Nevertheless, it is fast and reliable enough to provide high-quality messaging services.

In conclusion, we’d say that choosing a proper video chat app depends upon your requirements. Some prefer anonymity and therefore stick to Omegle while others would love having large numbers of people around them. Hence, try out these amazing video call apps with strangers and decide which suits your needs the best.
best video chat app with strangers.

Video chat apps for iPhone

6. Skreened cam– Skreened is a platform where you can meet and socialize with new people across the world. Using Skreened, you can easily hide your identity behind a temporary nickname. Plus, you’ll never miss a chance to contact someone whose interests match yours.

The cool part is, once registered, you can search profiles based on age range, location, sex, ethnicity, religion, education level, job, etc. After selecting those interested in you, you can initiate private message threads and initiate a video call directly from inside the app. Apart from this, you can view pictures and videos uploaded by other users.

You get to see real people on video, you can talk to them and even tell them to undress, the downside of this is the adult nature of the user you must be 18 plus to use this video chat app.

  • 18 plus support
  • Users can do whatever you ask them including undressing for a fee


  • 7. Screenhero– ScreenHero is a unique solution aimed at gamers rather than the general public. Basically, it provides a platform for multiplayer gaming activities, however, not everyone wants to play games alone.

 best free video chat apps with strangers online

People tend to hang out with people whom they already know or feel familiar with. Screenhero helps you fulfill your desires by providing a place where you can interact with numerous people remotely via webcams. Everyone can broadcast his own feed. Other users can watch feeds and chat with broadcasters. When broadcasting starts, viewers’ screens become transparent allowing the broadcaster to continue working in the background.

While interacting with other users, you can hide your IP address and also protect your camera stream from being hacked. A lot of exciting things happen when people get together virtually. Many times, it feels like watching TV channels instead of reading emails. Isn’t that cool?

If you’re tired of playing against computer opponents, give Screenhero a shot. We think you’ll fall in love with it.

We hope our article helped you understand the concept of finding people with common goals to spend your spare time. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, friendship, pen-pals, or just casual acquaintances, we believe these tools will definitely come in handy.

Have you tried any of these sites lately? Do let us know which site worked out well for you. If you found this post useful, please share it with your friends. Thanks!


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