Top 4 Sponsors For Instagram Accounts

If you want to make money posting things on Instagram, you’ll require sponsors, people or companies that will pay you to post their products and services on your Instagram account in form of advertisements or sponsored ads.
If you are an influencer chance are you have been contacted by different brands or even individuals to advertise their products. But if you still want to maximize your earnings, is OK to sign up with this sponsors. 
When it comes to sponsors you have to find out the ones that pay handsomely, at least the money you get equals your account worth.
In line with here are top 5 sponsors in no particular order, for making money with an Instagram account.
Top 4 Sponsors For Instagram Accounts
Popular pays really pay you for your popularity on this social media platform. So if you have lots of followers, who responds to your post with likes, comments etc, then you’re set. Just sign up.
To sign up you’ll have to download any of their Android or iOS app, which you’ll then use to connect with your Instagram.
Apart from money brands can offer your their products to sample.
2. Snapwi
Top 4 Sponsors For Instagram
Snapwi is another platform that gets you lots of sponsors, you’ll get lots of sponsored post opportunities. 
There are lots of big name brands like Dennys, Marriot and even some of the biggest creative agencies in the world like JWT and The Omnicom Group, Hootsuit even Google these companies are always willing to pay for your services.
Top 4 Sponsors For Instagram Accounts
This has done more with photos than post or messages. On this platform, you get paid to upload pictures which are then vented either they are accepted or they get rejected.
If the photo is accepted, it will be licensed based on the buyer’s intended use for it.
They have different types of licenses, with different prices which ranges from $5, $90, $500, and more.
Only iPhone users get to use this platform for now.
Top 4 Sponsors For Instagram Accounts
Snapfluence is a premium platform where you’re connected to lots of sponsors.
You just need to sign up with and connect your Instagram account to it. Then get ready for campaigns.
You are with either or combination of this three things 
– Free product or services
– Monetary compensation
– Increased exposure to your personal brand
For monetary compensation payments are made via PayPal.
You can make as much as $10k a day. You can make far less or more depending on various circumstances like the number of followers you have if these followers are targeted, from which countries they are from and how much advertisers are willing to pay.
The more advertisers for your account the higher the competition, when the competition becomes high you’ll make more money with fewer promotions, as advertisers will queue up to work with yours.

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