Here are the top do-it-yourself drinking board games for your parties or get-together with family and friends. You can make these games yourself without even needing to spend much. Many of these games are purely DIY drinking games, you may not need to buy a single material, and all can be sourced locally.

So what are drinking Board games? And why should you learn to be able to make these games yourselves?

Buying already-made games for your parties is expensive when compared to doing it yourself. Doing it yourself is even better to some extent as you’ll get to make the rules and choose the types of drinks to be used. You can also modify it to suit any type of audience.

Is true that buying already-made drinking Board games gives you that professional finish, especially if you want to impress your friends. But you can copy them and equally produce something great looking.

If you don’t have the time to just buy it, you can reuse it any time you want.

Drinking Board games are games people usually play at get-togethers, parties or any public or private functions where people are gathered. This game is for adults as rules usually require one to drink a cup whenever he or she fails. Though you can modify it to suit any type of audience.

There are different rules for different types of games, for instance, we have a type of board game called Circle of Death.

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Drinking Board Games DIY

1. Wall Ball

Invented by Kristy Hulse, this drinking board game is simple. Here is how to build this inexpensive game.

New cheap drinking game my friends and I invented! Hot glue solo cups to a poster board and then make up your own rules! The two cups in the middle on the bottom row are glued away from the poster board by toilet paper rolls to add a higher level of difficulty. Really fun! We call it Wall Ball!

Materials needed

What you’ll need

  • Cups
  • Posterboard
  • Glue
  • Pieces of paper
  • A pen or pencil.

What you need to do

Make up your rules, get the pieces of paper ready, and write down your rules. Then Get get solo cups, hot glue them to the poster board, The two cups in the middle on the bottom row are then glued away from the poster board by toilet paper rolls to add a higher level of difficulty.

There are different versions of this game with different rules, namely

– Relationships/ladies’ night drinking/birthday drinking board game.

Relationshsip/ladies night drinking / birthday drinking board game

Relationship/ladies’ night drinking/birthday drinking board game

Here the rules are designed for relationships and for birthday celebrations, including during ladies’ night out, it can be modified too to fit other parties.

Relationships/ladies night drinking / birthday drinking board game

Relationships/ladies’ night drinking/birthday drinking board game

Relationships/ladies night drinking / birthday drinking board game

Drinking Board Games DIY

2. Clock A Drink

This is a cool and simple drinking board game to build. All materials can be gotten locally.

Materials needed

You are going to get the following

  • A circular board ( or old clock)
  • Different bottle caps
  • Arms for dock loosen it if it’s tight ( you can buy it or rip it off your clock)

You can even get your old clock that is beyond repair, and use the board and the time dock.

How to do this

Arrange your circular bottle caps around the circular board or clock board. Use glue to glue them together. Get the arms dock to fix it to the center of the board so that the seconds and hour time hands point in different directions.

Now depending on your approach (automatic or manual) we go with the manual which is usually easier, get a stopwatch you can use your phone. Set a timer for some fixed seconds example 20 seconds. Rotate the arm dock, anywhere the hour hand falls on the player drinks the brand of the drink on the bottle cap.

To spice it up you can add water to the list of glued bottle caps, you can also use both the seconds and hour hand.

You can also make another version of this game like the one in the picture below or any other type you can think of.

clock drinking game

Already Made Drinking Games

> 1. DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Game: Fun Drinking Games

2. Don’t GET Drunk The Ultimate
Buy Now  Limited Price.


Party Board Game: Combines Classic Party Drinking Games for Adults

– Pong, Flip Cup, Kings Cup and

Many More Including

Other Unique Cards Like Dare, Quiz, Luck, and Trial

3. Tarot cards drink

Drinking Board Games DIY Tarrot cards
tarot cards drinking game

This game requires tarot cards arranged on board of the table, with a transparent plastic cup, these cups are prefilled with drinks, they are then placed on top of each card.

Materials needed

You should have the following materials

  • Transparent plastic cups
  • Different types of drinks
  • Tarrot cards
  • Board or table.

How to do it

Arrange these cards on the board, with cards front facing downwards. Then place the prefilled cup on top of each card, each player will then have to choose a card at random and drink its content, you can use any card as the stopper.

That is a card that will stop the player from continuing and allow the next player to start from where the previous player stopped.

For example, we use The Fool tarot cards as the stopper, once a player picks that card he or she will stop and allow the other player to continue, if the player fails to pick the Fool tarot card he or she will still continue.

You can introduce your own rules to spice it up

4. Circle of Death drinking game

different types of drinking board games
circle of death

This circle of death game is a game that is designed with cards. Cards are placed on a board so that each card will have a full cup of different types of drinks, ranging from alcohol to soft drinks.

Now a bottle will be placed in the center of the cards. Players will now take turns to spin the bottle, once the bottle is spun and where the upper end of the bottle points to when it stops, the player will then take the cup with its contents and drink it. Sometimes some cards may have empty cups just to spice up the game.

Materials needed

What you’ll need for the Circle of Death Game.

  • Cards
  • A bottle
  • Cups
  • Beer any type of alcoholic drink.

5. Drinks For Jenga or drunk Jenga

Jenga drinking game
Jenga drinking game

The Jenga game is from a Swahili word meaning to build, it challenges the player to build as high as possible.

Drinks for the Jenga board game are not the regular Jenga you know, while the regular Jenga uses color blocks, these color blocks are designed like building blocks., While the player’s aim is to build as high as possible without collapse. Drinks for Jenga is not like that, it is modified to be a drinking board game. For adult.

Materials needed

What you’ll need

  • You need the following
  • Board
  • Ability to draw and color things.
  • Jenga blocks.

How to create this

Write funny and crazy challenges on each of the 54 Jenga blocks. They arrange them on the board. To play this game, you have to pick up one block from the set pile of blocks with one hand and place it on top of the pile. If the stack falls, you drink a full cup, then pick up two blocks and finish the game.

6. Flip case

Flip case game is more of a team kind of board game. There are usually two opposing teams in the flip case.

And you’re set. If you know of any other drinking Board you or your friends invented please do let me know by submitting here, and I’ll add it to this list with proper credit. Just get us the pictures and then the step-by-step procedures. We are open to new games to spice up our party.

Materials needed

What you’ll need

  • A table or board
  • Disposable. Cups with drinks
  • Teams

How to play

Both teams should stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. Everyone must finish their drink and flip the cup with their fingers to the upside-down position before the next member begins. The first team to complete this wins.

5. Slip and Flip

This is similar to flip cup, in fact, it’s actually a hybrid of the two games Slip and Slide and Flip Cup.

The game starts by dividing players equally into two teams. The first two players, from opposite teams, slide down the slip-n-slide as fast as they can to the Flip Cupboard that is set up at the end. Each player has one cup that is already filled with their chosen drink.

Once the player reaches the table, they must finish their drink as fast as possible. The player must then rest the empty cup on the edge of the table where they must attempt to flip it successfully so that it lands upside down on the table, you will have to flip it at 180 degrees. Once the first person has completed the challenge, the next person on that team can slide, drink and flip. Once all players from one team have completed this without failing they win.

Materials needed

You’ll need

  • Plastic cups
  • Table or board (Table preferably)
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Then hose

Already made DIY board drinking games

If you want the already produced ones, especially if you don’t have time to do it yourself you can buy or borrow these games.

7. Looping Louie

Looping Louie drinking board game
Looping Louie drinking board game

A popular classic German game, this is quite a fun drinking game. A player has 3 coins, and each coin represents one life, Louie which is a man in an airplane attached to a pole powered by a motor rotates around the board he will knock the coins down, and a player can defend himself with a button next to the airplane.

If Louie knocks all the coins the player loses and drinks from the prefilled cup. The first player to lose all their lives(coin) drinks.

Materials needed

You’ll need

  • Louis airplane
  • Plastic cups filled with drinks
  • Coins (3 for each person)
  • A board.

8. Box with bottle caps

Looping Louie drinking board game
Box with bottle caps drinking board game

This type of drinking Board game may be difficult to construct if you don’t have the material. Otherwise, it’s easy. Just get a board with a glass front, gather all bottle caps you can find, and fill the box up with these bottle caps.

Now get something like a stick that has something like a hook, this is what you’ll use to draw the bottle cocks, or players can use their hands to pick the cock, they pick at random if what they pick matches with the available Bear, the person will drink the whole bottle. Is fun just don’t get drunk.

Materials needed

What you’ll need

  • Glass containerboard
  • Bottle caps of any type mostly Beers
  • Different types of Beers
  • A picker.

These are the top games for your drinking party, you are guaranteed to get drunk, so our advice to you is to leave your car at home, don’t go to this type of party with your car.

If you know or have created any game, please consider writing about it and sending it, we will add it to the list or publish it separately. Submit it here. When submitting your games don’t forget to add instructions, these will help gamers play the game well.

Board games have long been a favorite pastime, offering a fun way to gather with friends and family. When you add a little twist of drinking into the mix, the excitement doubles. DIY drinking board games are a great way to combine creativity and fun, ensuring a unique and personalized experience. Here are the top 8 DIY drinking board games you can create for your next party.

9. DIY Beer Pong Tic-Tac-Toe

Materials Needed:
– A large piece of cardboard or a wooden board
– Plastic cups
– Ping pong balls
– Marker

 How to Play:

Draw a large tic-tac-toe grid on the cardboard or board. Place plastic cups at each intersection. Players take turns throwing ping-pong balls into the cups. When a player lands a ball in a cup, they can mark that spot as theirs (X or O). The loser of each round must take a drink. The first to get three in a row wins, and the loser drinks.

10. Shot Glass Checkers

Materials Needed:
– Checkerboard
– Shot glasses
– Two different types of liquor

How to Play:

Replace traditional checker pieces with shot glasses. Fill the shot glasses with two different types of liquor, one type for each player. Normal checker rules apply, but when you capture an opponent’s piece, they have to drink the shot. The game ends when one player has no pieces left or can’t move, and the loser drinks a penalty shot.

11. Drinkopoly

Materials Needed:
– Large poster board
– Markers
– Dice
– Mini bottles or shot glasses

### How to Play:
Create a Monopoly-style board on a poster board, but instead of properties, write different drinking challenges (e.g., “Take two shots,” “Drink a beer,” “Pass a drink”). Players roll the dice and move around the board, completing the drinking challenges as they land on each space. The game can be customized with different rules and challenges to suit your group’s preferences.

12. Kings Cup

Materials Needed:
– A deck of cards
– A large cup
– Alcoholic beverages

How to Play Kings Cup Drinking Game

Spread a deck of cards face down around a large cup placed in the center. Players take turns drawing cards and performing the actions associated with each card. Typical rules include:
– Ace: Waterfall
– Two: You
– Three: Me
– Four: Floor
– Five: Guys
– Six: Chicks
– Seven: Heaven
– Eight: Mate
– Nine: Rhyme
– Ten: Categories
– Jack: Rule
– Queen: Question Master
– King: Pour into the King’s Cup

The game continues until the last King is drawn, and that player must drink the contents of the King’s Cup.

13. Drunken Jenga

Materials Needed:
– Jenga set
– Marker
– Shot glasses
– Alcoholic beverages

How to Play Drunken Jenga Game

Write different drinking tasks on each Jenga block (e.g., “Take a shot,” “Drink two sips,” “Pass a drink”). Players take turns removing blocks and completing the tasks written on them. If the tower falls, the person who caused it must finish their drink or take a penalty shot.

14. Flip Cup Relay

Materials Needed:
– Plastic cups
– A long table
– Alcoholic beverages

How to Play the Flip Cup Relay

Set up two teams on either side of a long table. Each player has a plastic cup filled with a small amount of their beverage. Players take turns drinking and then flipping their cups upside down by flicking the rim. The next player can’t go until the previous player successfully flips their cup. The first team to finish wins, and the losing team takes a penalty drink.

15. Drink or Dare

Materials Needed:
– Deck of cards
– List of dares
– Alcoholic beverages

16. How to Play Drink or Dare Drinking Game

Prepare a list of dares before the game starts. Players take turns drawing cards. Each card corresponds to a dare or a drinking challenge. If a player refuses to complete the dare, they must take a drink. Customize the dares to suit your group’s sense of humor and comfort levels.

17. Quarters

Materials Needed:
– Quarters
– Shot glasses
– Alcoholic beverages

How to Play Quarters Drinking game

Players take turns trying to bounce a quarter off a table into a shot glass. If successful, they choose another player to drink. If they miss, it’s the next player’s turn. You can add additional rules, like requiring trick shots or implementing challenges for repeated misses.

DIY drinking board games add a unique twist to traditional game nights, bringing excitement and creativity into the mix. Whether you’re looking for a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe with a beer pong twist or an elaborate custom Monopoly-style drinking game, these ideas are sure to enhance your next gathering. Always remember to drink responsibly and ensure that everyone is having fun safely.

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