Two Hard Methods To View Private Instagram Pictures

There is one method to view private Instagram photos and profiles that even Instagram them self can’t block. If the desire is not available the available becomes desirable, if they are no longer publicly available ways to view private Instagram pictures on automatic, that is the easy way, then you should do it the hard way. No matter what way you use the main thing is you’ll arrive at the same objective.
This method is really hard because it is time-consuming as we know time is what we don’t have in this high paced world. But if you really want to view private Instagram pictures of either your Girlfriend or Boyfriend or other people then you should forget about the time taken and focus on your reward.

Number 1 method

Simply subscribe and be among the first to get the tutorial once it comes out. This way it will last and people will make something before Instagram moves in. However, if you don’t want to wait then you should move over to the really hard way. This way cannot be stopped by Instagram, because they can’t stop it.

Number 2 method

Follow this  simple yet difficult steps

i. Study your target, know what he/she likes, his or her friends, people who follow her, if you can get other details about your target looking at the public profile fine.

ii. Armed with this info create a new account centered on the information you got, that is the target’s likes should be your likes, your profile should agree with his/her’s, etc also try to follow your target friends and make sure some if not all accept you, so that you’ll have some friends in common with the targeted person, this increases your chance of being accepted as a friend.

 iii. Once you make sure every possible angle is covered, follow your target, if you did everything as it should be done you’ll be accepted.

iv. As an accepted follower you’ll get to see a lot more pictures, and have a chance to get the person to really open up and show you others.

This method is based on trust, your target needs to see you as some he or she knows and not as a stranger.

You need to make your target like you to the extent of missing you. Constant texting, chatting and even calling on the phone will get you that, thus making the person emotionally attached to you. Your target may perhaps see you as an ally and not a foe, telling things you won’t have heard otherwise.

It’s at this point he or she is deficient you’ll need to strike get the person to open her private photos for you. How do I that you may ask, well create a problem and center the solution on the pictures.

 It’s now left for you to find out the most suitable problem to create.

Do not think is not possible, people have been doing this, ask the Nigerians or the Russians when in doubt.

By Chimatim

Mr Tim an author in, he writes for various digital and prints media platforms.

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