Easy Way To Find Facebook User Location Legally

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There is nothing wrong if you want to know more about an individual on Facebook, as a matter of fact for the sole reason that he or she sent you a friend request or is your friend, you have the right to know as much information as you want, whether the person wants it or not. It’s not a crime, it’s legal as finding out the person’s details including the location will help you protect yourself.

Why is it legal? A little explanation of what legality means should help you appreciate this more. Something is said to be legal if it abides by the following; allowable by law, popularly accepted, and appeals to people’s concience. The law allows it when you take actions to protect yourself, people accepts it when you take actions to protect yourself, your concience will be at rest knowing that you’ve taken actions to ensure your safty. This all boils down to protection and safety, but you might ask protection from what?

Protection from Facebook scammers/fraudstars

Finding out the location of your so-called Facebook friends, will help you to identify who is who, whether what he/she is saying is the truth.

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The is the advantages you get from tracing those users are immense, some obvious, some not obvious. To illustrate, a user tells you that he is from UK and lives there, his profile also showed UK both as a citizen and as a resident, upon checking his location you find out something very different from what he claimed he is. What will you? You take precaution by being careful with that individual so it goes to for women.

You can decide to use this to check on anybody , be it your parents, neighbours, friends and relatives there is know problem it’s legal and besides it’s fun to do, provided you’re not invading their privacy (which you wont). Follow the below tutorial to know how to trace fb users, this tutorial is in steps for easier understanding.

Trace FB users while chatting

This is best done while chatting with the individual, just turn ON chat. Close all open browser tap, except Facebook. If possible delete your history and catch.

Step 1. Invite or Ping Ping the marked user for a chat, once Chat is ON, move on to the next step.

Step 2. Open Command Prompt Go to > Start > and locate Command prompt, open it

Step 2. Search for IP address On the Command prompt search for “netstat -an” with no quotes and hit enter.

You’ll get list of IP address, which are in numbers, save them to your clipboard notepad will do.
You’ll then need to convert those numbers into words so as to form a name of a city, country or town. (IP’s are like a location finder which are encrypted). To do that you need an IP converter or tracker

Step 4. Lauch IP tracker It’s now time to convert those saved IPs into readable text. To this you need to visit HERE, paste the IP address you copied click “trace IP”, this is at the point the required information will come up.

 Here is another  guaranteed method

Using Tracking
This method involves using the tracking method. This method is very powerful, as it works 100 percent. Here is how to do it.
1. Create a free dummy site, such as  on blogger.com. Once created just integrate it with Google analytic or Statscounter.
*. Statscounter and Google analytic are two different websites that does the same thing, Tracking. Website owners use them to keep track of people who visit their website.
*. Once your blog or site is created on blogger move over to Google analytic and create a new property using the site URL eg “yourname.blospot.com” 


*. Go to statscounter, set up an account and create a new project by going to add a new project, fill In every thing and click “add project”
*. Select Blogger in the next page that opens, you’ll be required to copy some code copy it and follow the instructions on how to add to  blogger. Once added click check installation.
You’ll receive a message telling you whether if it is successful.
2. Next step is to cloak your link, now copy URL or the web addresses of that new site you created and installed tracking on.
*. Go to any URL shortening services, such as https://goo.gl/, open the site and shorten the URL (your copied web address). Copy the now shortened link. (Bookmark or save this web page)
3. Head over to Facebook and find the person you wish to trace, send him or her the link, either trick the person or force the person to click the link and open the site. Either way make sure he or she opens it.
You can also test it yourself by opening the link your self.
Once that person clicks on that link, all the information is stored, on Google analytic and statscounter, even the shortening service.
Now To Find Out his or her Facebook Location 
Just log in to Statscounter, go to the created  project – recent visit activity- you’ll see all the person’s info, including the browser, IP address, country and even city! See the picture below
Easy Way To Find Facebook User Location Legally
Double check this info with the ones on Google analytic and the URL shortening site. You’ll be 100% certain of the  person’s location.
To make sure only your location and people you gave the link are tracked, make sure your blog site is private. This way no one can visit and confuse your stats.

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