Use Facebook Harshtags To Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

use facebook harshtags to drive traffic to your blog

Not long ago Facebook a leading online social media platform decided to follow its compatriot Twitter by introducing there own harshtag, which makes sharing post easier. Have you used it yet? Did you like it? Well do know you can use those harshtags to drive more traffic to your blog? Let’s understand harshtags first

What is a harshtag

A harshtag is a phrase, sentence or a word with the prefix # used to link topics together, when clicked it leads to different topics which are similar or related with that clicked hashtag, think of it as a label in blogs, or better still social media labels. Harshtags are used widely on social media platforms like Twitter, Google , Tumblr and Instagram and now Facebook. How does it relate to your blog?

Your blog and Facebook harshtag

Every blogger needs readers and blog readers are visitors, visitors in turn are traffics, traffics on the other hand leads to sales and subscribers which translates to money. You see the inter-relationships involved in blogging. In other to drive traffic to your blog you need to explore every possibility, one of those is Facebook harshtags. You might be wondering how Facebook harshtags can drive traffic to your blog, let’s take a look at Facbook harshtags first.

Facebook harshtag

This is a word or phrase used to link news feeds which are related together, it turns those words into clickable links whether it’s on your personal timeline or your page. Imagine receiving a gift packed real tight with an attractive and eye catching package, you’ll be curious to open it as quickly as possible to at least see what’s inside. That’s what Facebook harshtags are for, gift packaged well for your fans and visitors to see, after all who hates a gift? For sure people will open it and when they do make sure the contents leads to your blog posts, that’s how you increase visitors, make use of their curiosity and draw them in.

Creating Facebook harshtags

There is no special training needed to create a harshtag, creating a harsh on Facebook is the same with creating one on Twitter. Here is what you’ll do write the word or phrase you wish to create a harshtag for after you’ve written the main topic, put # at the beginning, that’s all you’re done.

Use it for traffic

* Write articles on your blog which are related to the harshtag you wish to use on Facebook.
* Share it like you’ve been doing before except this time you’ll use harshtags to package it, make it attractive.
For Instance I wrote an article about blogging for beginners, I head over to my Facebook page and post a preview of that my article on it, next I create a harshtag like “#start a blog”, which I post on my public timeline, friends and visitors get’s to see it, they became curious and clicks it which then leads them to my page, they read the preview they next thing you know they’re on my blog reading the full article.

You can do that on your page too, especially if you’ve more than one.

You’ve seen it all, even a simple Facebook harshtag can bring you thousands of visitors, depending on your social media worth. You don’t even need to pay anybody any cent all you need is a Facebook account and a Facebook page, all are free of charge.

If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, open one right this instant and enjoy the power of the new Facebook harshtags.

If you’ve forgotten or you still haven’t found the answer to the question I asked earlier then here is it Question “Do you know you can use those harshtags to drive traffic to your blog?” and the answer “Yes.” Perhaps the best way to be convinced is to try it out.

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