How To Browse Without Being Noticed Hide Your IP

hide your ip while browsing

Do wish to browse without being noticed? You don’t want every website to know you just visited. Peharps you don’t want people possibly the site owner to know you’ve entered his or her website or you just want to browse unnoticed for the fun of it, whichever reason you have, the truth is that it’s possible.

Yes it’s possible to hide your IP address while browsing or surfing the web.

What is an IP Address?

Internet protocol address in full is a number assigned to your phone, computer or any other electronic device that can assess the Internet. It’s what identifies where you are, the device you’re using and many other things about your device. Think of your Ip address as your browser’s or computer’s name, better still as your own personal name, if you want to hide your name from someone what do you do? You simply won’t tell the person, what if your name is required before you can do what you want to do? You’ll simply fake it if you don’t want it known, same here on the Internet your name (IP ad dress) is required in other to browse, if you want to avoid telling every website who you are this tutorial is for you.

It makes you invicible while browsing, with this tutorial you’ll learn to surf the internet without being noticed, if your Ip isns’t noticed you won’t be noticed it’s as simply as that.

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How To Hide Your IP

While browsing on your computer or phone follow this steps to hide your device’ IP address

1. Type the web address you want to hide your IP address adding before the web address example
2. Select the country you wish to hide your IP from
3. Hit enter now you’re set to browse that website without revealing yourself.

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  2. Best thing to do is to use VPN service. I personally use HIDE-MY-IP. They mask your true IP by letting you to choose which IP and from what country you want. Really good software.

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