Use this Tool To Know if a website is scam or Legitimate

Use this Tool To Know if a website is a scam or Legitimate

The fear of the internet is the begining of wisdom. If you rely on your eyes along to spot a fake website, then sorry you’re bound to make mistakes. You see this scam or fake websites are like micro-organisms that you can’t see with the näked eyes, like a micro-organism you can only spot them with an instrument, a tool called Microscope.

Yes relying heavily on your eyes, sense and hunch is not enough as there are some scam websites that are adept at hiding their true color, no matter how had you try unaided to decipher it, you can’t seem to as it appears real and legitimate. You might given in to their request and be scammed real time.

So how do you know if a website is a scam? There is a new tool now available to the general public, this tool (or microscopic instrument) is free, and easy to use. It is an online tool that helps detect and scan, sites or even blogs that are not real with the sole aim of scamming people out of their had earned cash.

Top Questions

How does this tool work?
This is an online tool that is built like Google search engine but with an objective of indexing and storing scam websites.

How do this tool differenciate between a legitmate site and a scam site? Honestly this tool is not 100% and so it might not really know the difference between a legitmate site and a scam one. What it does is to scan the web for a strong case of scamming associated with the link you entered if there is any result, it brings it out. It mainly uses people’s opinion amongst other factors to judge legitimatecy of a site.

Can you use it to check if a website is legitimate? The tool doesn’t check that in a sense but it checks if a site is scam.

How To detect scam websites

*. First step is to get the URL of that website (web address) which can be found on your browser’s address bar, provided you’re on the site.
*. Next step copy it, and go here tools-scam website.
*. Once it opens next step is to paste the web address in the box provided, type the captcha and submit.

If the site is linked to scamming innocent people, then you’ll see the result. It will show you the how, the where, the when, and the time, such scamming incident or statement occured.

If the the website is legit (not linked to scams) it will show you that.

All in all this tool is helpful, even if it is free. But still it is just a machine so while using it use it with your brains. Imagine the combo if you merge it with your brain! Good judgement coupled with this tool will get you out of scam in future.

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