Simple Way To Set Profile Pictures on Instagram Without Cropping

Simple Way to set Profile Pictures on Instagram Without Cropping
Because of Instagram people have learn’t to dread picture cropping, let say you have a nice picture, that’s interesting and captivating, with good picture quality, and you think o! Instagram will love this and you think it’s a matter of uplaoding it, and having read
simple way to get Instagram followers with harshtags, you might think that using harshtags along with this good picture will get you likes and followers.
Yes they will if everything else is left as they were by Instagram. But imagine when you locate the picture from your computer or smartphone and hit the upload button, what happens? Your good picture is not so good again, your captivating and interesting photo is no longer that, it’s now more like ordinary picture. What happened? The answer is simple Instagram has cropped it! More like they have destroyed it.

Why do I always have to crop my pictures on Instagram?

This is a question many are asking, I’ll attempt to answer this briefly without going into technical terms. The Instagram photo system or photo activator is set to a minimum and maximum standard (resolutions) for photos being uploaded any thing less than that won’t be accepted (this rarely happens) any thing more than that won’t be accepted (this happens a lot) hence you’ll be required to crop it. And like we all know pictures taken from different smartphones or cameras have different resolutions that’s why some pictures can be uploaded even without cropping.
Having explained that the question now should be

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How not to crop pictures on Instagram?

At the end of this short, simple and yet excellent tutorial you’ll learn how to upload your photos to Instagram without cropping it.

We will be making use of some cool free and not so free applications mainly for Android smartphones that can be downloaded from Google play store.

InstasizeThis is an image editing tool that is made for uploading uncropped pictures or entire photos on Instagram without cropping, this is done by adding a colored background behind your image, or adjusting images. You can easily import photos from your albums or take a photo directly using the InstaSize app and upload on Instagram without having to crop it.

Photo squarer A multi-function app that supports zooming incase you want to make your photo large. Photo squarer squares your photo by cleaverly adding square blocks on it, while retaining it’s uniqueness and originality. With this app you won’t ever need to crop your Instagram pictures again.

SquareDroid Downloaded by over 40,000 people, has over +10530 recommendation in Google plus with tons of user review, while other editors tends to decrease photos quality this editor lets you share full size picture to Instagram with high resolution and square size. You have the option of chosing JPG (higher quality) or PNG format.

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