5 Simple Steps To View Private Myspace Pictures

5 Simple Steps To View Private Myspace Pictures

Despite their tight privacy settings, they still have a flaw, yes a flaw that can allow you view private Myspace photos. Although Myspace might not be what it used to be in terms of users and overall popularity they are much in the business of giving people there own space online.

Like everything else viewing private Myspace photos is somewhat difficult as this involves breaking and entering. But then there is a way to do that clean and simple. Follow this simple steps

1. The first Thing you need to do is to search for the profile which contains the MySpace private pictures. MySpace permits searches for people based on name, gender, age, status and location. These many search features should make it easy for you to find the person’s profile.

2. Move through the list of options. A list of possible people who have MySpace accounts will appear, you’ll then be able to see their name, age, gender, location and default picture.

3. Tap or Click the Friend button, which is located next to their default picture in the results displayed. To be sure of the person, click on the person’s name to view the visible parts of their profile which is not private.

4. Tap or click Add to Friends located underneath the default picture. After this you have to wait for the friend request to be accepted.

5. If the person accepts as a friend on MySpace, you will be able to view any MySpace private pictures that are viewable by friends, but not the general public.

If  for some reason it becomes impossible for you to become friends, either you don’t want to add the person as a friend, or the person rejected or if the pictures are private to friends, including you, then you need a walk around.

Their is another walk around to this, another method to view this private locked pictures on Myspace without becoming friends. Here is an article explaining the procedure of viewing private Myspace without being a friend

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