Names Of Top Airlines To Fly With In Nigeria

Names Of Top Airlines To Fly With In Nigeria

When it comes to aviation safety is important, you need to be sure of what you’re flying, then the people that will fly you. Safety first before other things including the amount you spend per flight, the class and other things.

Recently the Nigerian Aviation regulating authorities gave guild lines and directives to this airlines with safety as the most important of those guidelines, this was done to minimize or eliminate flight hazards like plane crash, majority of those airlines have implemented this directives as a result plane crashes have become rare this days. Nigerian airspace have become clear and free.

See the top airlines to book flights on both international and domestic or local flights, featuring passenger, Charter and cargo airlines, Charter airlines are more than Passenger and Cargo airlines.

Where a review is available the name of that airline will be hyper linked, clicking on it takes you to the review, where you get to see the prices, flight schedule, ticket information, how to book and schedule flights online, routes and airport, user feedback and how to book that flight right at that spot.

Passenger Airlines

  •  Aero contractor
  •  Air Azman
  •  Fly Air Peace
  •  Dana Air
  •  Arik Air
  •  Discovery Air
  •  First Nation Airways– formerly Bellview Airlines
  •  Med-View Airline
  •   Overland Airways

  Cargo Airlines

  •  Allied Air
  •  Fly Emirate Touch Aviation Services – formerly Millennium Air
  •  JedAir– formerly Wings Aviation
  •  Skypower Express Cargo

Charter Airlines

  •  Airfirst Nigeria/ Jetalliance
  •  ANAP Jets
  •  Azikel Air
  •  DANA – Dornier Aviation Nigeria
  •  Dominion Air
  •  Gyro Air

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  •  Izy Air
  •  Jafac Aviation
  •  Kabo Air
  •   King Airline
  •   Maple Aviation
  •   MaxAir
  •   Odengene Air
  •   Omni Air
  •   Prime Air Services
  •   SkyBird Air
  •   SkyJet Aviation– formerly Barbedos Aviation Services
  •  Skypower Express Airways
  •  TopBrass Aviation
  •  Toucan Aviation
  •  Tradecraft Air

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  •  Triax Airlines
  •  Triton Aviation/ Hangary
  •  West Link Airlines
  •  Zeefass Aviation
  •  Helicopter Companies
  •  Aero Contractors
  •  Atlantic Aviation/ CHC Nigeria – former partner of Aero
  •  Caverton Helicopters/ DanCopter / Heli-Union
  •  OAS Helicopters
  •  Pan African Airlines/ Bristow Nigeria / BATS
  • Start-up/Dormant/Grounded Airlines and Helicopter Companies
  •  Air Nigeria – formerly Nigerian Eagle Airlines / Virgin Nigeria Airways
  •  Air Taraba
  •  Alpha Helicopters
  •  Airstream Cargo
  •  Associated Aviation/ Associated Air Cargo
  •  Chanchangi Airlines
  •  Hak Air
  •  IRS Airlines
  •  Jet Taxi Transport
  •  Meridian Airlines
  •  Nigerian Eagle
  •  Oriental Airlines
  •  Red 1 Air / fastjet Nigeria
  •  Re-Routine Air
  •  TaK Aviation
Whatever city or state you’re you’ll benefit, as this airlines fly any where, goes to various destinations in Nigeria and abroad. You can book and use any airline in MMIA in Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Abuja, Kano airport, Akanu Ibiam Airport Enugu, right to Imo airport Owerri even the new ones at Uyo in Akwa Ibom and Cross River in Calabar. Or London, USA, China, UAE Dubia, South Africa, Kenya, and other parts of the world.

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