Airtel Nigeria Internet Subscription And Data Plans Full Lists

Though there are many Airtel internet bundles, yet some of them are outdated, they as old as a Nokia 3310, really here is a new and updated list of internet subscription codes, this list has many new codes added.

Airtel is one the major big telecoms network in Nigeria West Africa, as a big company they have their ways of making money off you if you don’t take time. One of those is by charging you highly. To avoid ban or withdrawal of licences, they provided a way out of this, that is by introducing internet mobile subscription codes.

What is Airtel internet subscription code all about?

Put an Airtel sim into any Android device like the popular Tecno phones, open its browser connect to the internet, next check your account balance by dialing or tapping *123# send what do you see? Zero naira! The truth is no matter how much you load it’ll still be zero naira. So you see the importance of this subscription codes.

An Airtel internet or data subscription codes and bundle activation is a list of codes that makes it easier, and cheeper surfing the web, it’s usually in MB and GB, with the former greater than the latter. On dialing this codes it automatically activates a data bundle according to the amount specified.

Data subscription codes

1MB one day plan *141*13*1#
Entry 4MB 6MB 50-1 day plan*141*11*9#
Daily10MB 15MB 100 naira, days plan*141*11*1#
3-day 25MB 40MB 200-3 days*141*11*8#
Weekly 50MB 70MB 300-7 days*141*11*2#
Easy 80 MB120MB days*141*11*3#
Top-Up100 MB100 MB 600
plan125 MB 125 MB7 86-30 days*141*11*786#
Lite 200MB 260MB 1,00099930 days*141*11*4#
Midi 250naira MB325 MB 1,300-30 days*141*11*5#

The rest may be the old good once you know already, however if you would like to know every thing as this post titled as full list, then more could be found on their website where it contains more codes that may overwhelm you. Check this link to get a more clearer and full list of the various activation codes. Here

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